How to Learn Quran With Quran Academy

Rohan Mathew

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So, you live outstation and there aren’t many Quran teachers in your area huh? Well you must have thought for the option of Online Quran Classes, haven’t you? So now you are here, scrolling through all the different webpages looking for a decent Quran teacher online. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Because we have the best platform to provide you with Quran classes online. It’s called Now the only thing on your mind right now must be, “Why to choose this particular service?. Well, I have a lot of reasons why and here are some of them:

Choice of tutor

Are you feeling awkward learning from someone of the opposite sex? Nothing out of the ordinary. Sometimes people also become hesitant to speak in front of someone from the opposite gender. This, in turn, breaks the entire ‘classroom’ vibe. In most cases, when this is so, you can’t demand to change your teacher as most companies don’t give you that option. Well, not anymore, because QuranForKIds gives you the privilege of having your online Quran teacher from a preferred gender. That way you can feel safe and confident in your online Quran classes and excel.

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Minimal time

I know what you’re thinking, “Ah! It takes too long to finish up the entire Quran starting from scratch!” Hey! You’re at QuranForKids, remember? Here we have a solution to every one of your problems related to online Quran classes. Take time, for an example. At QuranForKIds, you can study the entire Quran in just 3 months! Which is 3 times less than the length of an academic year at high school. Our Quran teachers are very efficient with their work and can make students understand their lessons in a jiffy! So as long as you are on QuranForKids, no need to worry about time.

Quality of service

At QuranForKids, we ensure the topmost quality of learn Quran online. Not a complaint comes to us regarding our services or teachers. We have our own Quality control department to take care of that. The Department ensured the completion of all necessary procedures to ensure the safe usage of our services. We provide great safety and Quality of service to our respected clients as per the tradition of QuranForKids

Wide Area Coverage

You like the service and all, but the only problem is that you fear that the service may not function in your locality. Well we, unlike many other companies, are not bound by boundaries. For QuranForKids, nowhere is out of our radar! We provide worldwide support, so our students can consult their Quran teachers online from anywhere in the world. This is one of the many features that make QuranForKIds stand out against other service providers.

No Restrains

I see that your Quran teachers have you stay available at a very specified time for you to take your online Quran classes. It’s not always possible for anyone to always be available at one specific time. That’s why we removed this problem by giving our students 24 hours availability and the choice to study at their own preferred time. You are not bounded by any restrains here at QuranforKIds, now you can do your household tasks at ease and take the class when you have the time, making it a lot easier for you.

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Easy Understanding

The only major complaint most students raise to Online Quran Classes is getting tricky to understand and process the information online. Well, we solve that problem efficiently as well. Unlike many other companies providing Quran teachers online, QuranForKIds has very student-friendly teaching mechanisms that are easy to understand. We have whiteboard as well as video and audio support, which makes the entire lesson audiovisual. A student can get his lesson very quickly in this way.

Multiple platforms

With all said and done, all that’s left is that you don’t have a laptop or PC to take your Online Quran Classes on. At QuranForKIds, you don’t need one necessarily! You can very conveniently take your Quran classes online from your smartphone. QuarnForKids provides its users with smartphone as well as laptop or PC support, making our systems accessible from any device, thereby providing more comfortable service to our students.

Comprehensive courses

QuranForKids gives its users a set of comprehensive courses, starting from the basics. We cover all the Nitty-gritty of Quran recitation, from the 28 alphabets to recitation of the Quran with Tajweed rules. Thereby giving our students a complete package of Quran recitation. In addition, we also teach our students other basic things to lead an Islamic life, for example, Salah prayer and other azkaar. A student studied from QuranForKIds is a well taught and well-rounded student.

User-friendly interface

Most websites are either not very easy to operate or their interface is complex, giving the students a headache. We exist to facilitate our students, not to get the worked up. Therefore, QuranForKIds has a very user-friendly interface. The menus in our website are very easy to navigate through, even for a fifth-grader. Moreover, our website’s bright outlook is very eye appealing and students don’t find it difficult to keep their eyes on the screen.

Easy lesson Plans

Do your children have a lot of homework to do when they get home from school? Can they not keep up with their Online Quran Classes along with school in the weekdays? Well, we have a key to every lock. When you chose QuranForKIds as your service provider, we give you a variety of options when it comes to lesson plans. You can select a plan according to your ease and convenience. Our lesson plans can have classes as low as 2 days per week, with 30 minutes lesson per day. Making it easy for students or working individuals to manage their online Quran classes along with work or Schools.

Free Trials!

When you have selected the service that will be providing you with Quran classes online, you pay the charges and the student does not like the teacher or the class whatsoever. In such cases, your money could go to waste. To prevent this, QuranForKIds gives you the option of free trials of your online Quran classes. That way, you will check out our service quality before having to pay and have your full consent while paying. You can assess our system in your free trial and then decide whether you like our service or not—another reason why you should choose QuranForKIds.


And last but not least, most Quran classes online cost a truckload of money, making it unaffordable for you even to have your children learn the basics of Islam! However, QuarnForKIds is a very economical service. Our rates go to as low as 39 $ or 25 £. Which is pretty economical for an online Quran Classes service. So now your Quran classes will be light on your pocket as well as beneficent for your children.


Putting it all in a nut shell, QuranForKids is a very reliable website for online Quran classes. It has all the necessary features, including easy lesson plans, comprehensive courses, an affordable fee structure, and many more features that make it is a very convenient website providing Quran teachers online.