Can You Get Psychological And Emotional Injuries From a Car Accident?

Rohan Mathew

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Many people worry about the physical dangers involved in car accidents since they can get seriously injured. However, you may wonder about the potential psychological and emotional injures that you could face from an accident. If you’re wondering about these types of injuries and what to do after a car accident, then you should look through this information.

Can You Get Psychological and Emotional Injuries?

This may surprise you, but you could face psychological and emotional injuries when you get in a car accident. For example, you could develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the car accident injury. This could cause flashbacks and other emotional struggles for you depending on what happened and how much it affected you.

If you face a serious or permanent injury, then that could affect your self-worth and view of yourself, which could lead to other psychological problems. You could also develop depression and anxiety depending on the circumstances. With this in mind, you should definitely check on your mental and emotional state after an accident to keep yourself safe.

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What to Do Directly After an Accident

Some people may seek coverage with the help of a personal injury law firm after an accident, but there are specific steps that you need to follow. Before we tell you about how an attorney can assist you, we would like to discuss what you need to do directly after an accident.

This will help you to keep everyone safe while protecting yourself legally.

Make Sure Everyone Is Safe

After an accident occurs, you should try and communicate with those who were in the car with you. You should ask if everyone is safe, check whether people will respond and act accordingly. You should contact an ambulance immediately if someone is unconscious or losing blood. Either way, make sure that everyone is safe and do what you must.

Look for Any Nearby Dangers

Keep in mind that car accidents can cause other problems to arise. For example, a nearby object could catch on fire or you may smell a gas leak. If you notice any serious problems, then you should get away from those dangers as soon as you can. Encourage everyone else to do the same so you can help them to avoid any injuries.

Talk with Anyone Involved

If your car accident involved another vehicle and you don’t have any serious injuries, then you should talk to the person in the other car. Ask and make sure that everyone inside is safe and then talk with the driver to see how he or she is doing. If anyone is seriously injured, then you should immediately contact the authorities.

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Contact the Authorities

You can use this time to call the authorities and inform them about the situation. Let them know about the severity of the accident and if anyone needs immediate medical attention. Make sure that you skip ahead to this step the second you find out that someone has a serious injury so he or she can get some help as soon as possible.

Share Information and Documents

After you contact the authorities, you need to make sure that you and the driver for the other car exchange information. This includes taking pictures of each other’s driver’s licenses, sharing contact information, and also sharing each other’s car insurance. This way, your personal injury lawyer will know who to contact.

Explain The Situation

Once the authorities arrive, you should explain the situation to them so they can make a record of it and take down other information. This is especially important if the other driver becomes angry or violent. If this occurs, then you should wait in your car until the authorities arrive and then you can also discuss it with your car accident attorney.

The Next Steps

After you finish the initial steps during the car accident, you should follow through with these ones. They would be difficult to address during the accident itself, so make sure that you do them once you get home and after you calm down. This will allow you to act calm and rational throughout these exchanges.

Inform Your Car Insurance Company

You should talk with your car insurance company about your car accident injury and what happened during the accident. Call them as soon as you reasonably can so you can keep them informed about the situation and give them a heads up. Keep in mind that insurance companies need to deal with a lot during an accident, so you should keep them informed.

Car accidents can have an impact on your insurance, so if you act responsibly, then they will want to continue working with you. After all, they wouldn’t want to be surprised by a bill from a car accident attorney, so you should give them a warning ahead of time. This should help you to maintain a good relationship with your insurance company.

Contact an Attorney

You should also get in contact with a personal injury law firm after the accident. It can be difficult to go through the legal aspects of a car accident, especially if you aren’t familiar with the law, so an attorney could help you out. If you contact a law firm, then they can have a personal injury lawyer to assist you.

Remember that you can contact the lawyers at West Coast Trial Lawyers to help you out. This way, you can receive advice on your situation to ensure that you have the car accident covered. You can always contact West Coast Trial Lawyers for additional information if you want to better understand how a law firm can assist you.

Potential Psychological and Emotional Injuries

People become so focused on their physical health after a car accident that they forget to check for psychological and emotional injuries. A car accident could affect your mind since it’s a sudden event that can cause serious stress and anxiety. This then leads to further psychological problems that could affect you later on in life.

For example, you could develop a fear of cars that prevents you from driving or even entering a vehicle. You could also feel anxious when you do enter a car, which will greatly hinder your life. You don’t want these problems to develop or become worse, so you need to check yourself for potential psychological and emotional injuries.

Checking Your Mental Condition

You should check your mental state after you have been in a car accident. If you suspect that you may have emotional or psychological injuries, then you need to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss them. Your doctor can then recommend a psychologist or therapist that you can speak with to receive the help that you need.

Once you get in contact with a therapist, you can find out how your emotions connect to your current psychological state and the damages that you may have faced. You can then receive assistance for your trauma to help you overcome it and get your life back on track despite the injuries that you faced.

Potential Compensation for Injuries

You could end up receiving compensation for psychological or emotional injuries. This depends on the state that you live in, the circumstances of the accident and how those injuries impacted you. This way, you can receive the psychological and emotional help that you need without worrying about the bills that come with them.

However, seeking such compensation on your own would be difficult. This means that you should work with a personal injury law firm if you plan to get compensation for your psychological and emotional injuries. They could walk you through the process and help you to see if your local laws will allow you to receive such compensation.


Psychological and emotional injuries can happen from a car accident, which could then have a major impact on your life. You should seek out the help needed to properly take care of yourself if you end up facing these types of injuries. If you do this, then you will be able to recover and overcome the struggles that you faced.