Can you really afford luxury senior living?

Rohan Mathew

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Your current lifestyle and financial status determine the type of assisted living that you can afford. Assisted living and home care franchise facilities are available in plenty across the United States, and it should not be hard to find one according to your need. As people reach the age of superannuation, they look forward to the life ahead at an assisted living, which is a priority for those who want to lead an independent life away from the family. Assisted living facilities allow the freedom of living life on your terms within a community that believes in the same kind of living. The choice of lifestyle may differ according to financial capabilities.

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Lead a luxurious life after retirement

Those who lead a luxurious life before retirement would like to lead almost a similar life during their fading years and prefer some luxury assisted living facility. When choosing the facility, you must first consider your lifestyle needs and match it with what the facility offers and the charges payable to understand how well you can sustain it in the future. The decision is critical because it can have long-term repercussions, especially if you cannot maintain the same standard throughout your stay at the facility. While it requires a lot of hard work to become wealthy, it requires much harder work, mostly in the advancing age, to lead the same kind of life that you have enjoyed earlier. 

Price of assisted living

To understand how much it would cost to spend your senior years living with a community by maintaining a life of luxury, you must first know the average assisted living costs. It will help figure out the approximate extra cost you have to shell out to maintain the desired luxurious life at the assisted living facility.

 You will want to ascertain your capability of paying for the facility that meets your standard of luxurious living. So, you should be ready to pay around $4,000 per month at the least, and the cost goes up in steps up to $7,000 and more that includes many more amenities that define a super luxurious lifestyle. You get what you pay for, and therefore it is vital to have a good understanding of your financial capabilities to support the lifestyle in the long run.  Moreover, the costs might increase over the years due to the market forces and your increased need for assistance for health reasons.

Having a long term vision will help to understand your affordability for the rest of your life, which is crucial because it will be difficult to compromise on the lifestyle later for affordability reasons.

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Think about the financing options

How you can fund your assisted living should be on the top of your mind when exploring the opportunities of spending your life in an assisted living facility that offers the kind of luxury you expect. Planning will help make the right choice to sustain the lifestyle in the coming years.

Planning for retirement at an early age will help build a healthy corpus of funds that you can use later to spend your life in an assisted living facility. Besides, your earnings from various long term investments like owning some rental properties that provide a steady income flow should be good enough to pay for the costs.  If you have considerable savings in your 401(k) account, you can happily lead your life in an assisted living facility of your choice. But everything depends on proper planning about your life after retirement, which should help lead a life in the way you want.

Tap into your insurance policies

Whether you will lead the kind of life you want in an assisted living facility largely depends on your foresight from an early age to allocate your money at the right places that can later provide the cost of living in an assisted facility post-retirement.  Taking a long-term insurance policy quite early in life should help create a financial resource to support you after retirement, at least paying for your living in an assisted facility. Choosing the right policy and planning to access the returns at the right time is crucial to ensure a luxurious life after retirement in an assisted living facility. 

Besides the above ways of paying for the cost of living after retirement at an assisted facility, some people may even think about using their home equity to provide funds for leading a luxurious retired life. To arrange for your assisted living costs, you can use your home equity in different ways. The easiest way is to sell out your home to garner funds, and another way is to take a home equity loan to get the required funds.

The better you understand your financial capabilities after retirement, the easier it will be to embrace a lifestyle of your choice.