Cannabis oil: the underestimated power of a plant that lives with humanity for centuries

Rohan Mathew

When it comes to cannabis, many people feel negative emotions. There are associations with drugs, violence, criminals, and addiction. While some are indeed a result of the cannabis trade, it is rarely because of the plant itself. Often, the struggle is with the regulation and sale of cannabis. Naturally, a cannabis addiction should not be underestimated. Therefore, researchers are looking at alternatives to the product such as cannabis oil.

What makes cannabis a ‘bad’ product?

There are many reasons for regulators to make cannabis illegal. First off, it influences your behavior in society. The feeling of being high has serious consequences on your behavior. For example, it is not safe for people to drive whilst they smoked weed. The cause is the psychoactive substance THC, which is present in the cannabis plant. When you smoke cannabis, this substance enters the lungs and causes the feeling of being high.

Inconvenient addition for many users

When looking at the scope of users, many find the presence of THC inconvenient. For example, they are using it to combat restlessness, anxiety, and pain flowing from chronic diseases. Although cannabis helps them, they are also feeling it influences their day-to-day too much. This is where a new product comes in: cannabis oil.

What is cannabis oil?

Researchers started looking at how to extract the ‘good’ from the plant without having the bad effects. This is how cannabis oil emerged: an oil product that does not contain THC. The oil is extracted from the complete cannabis plant. This can follow two types of manufacturing processes: CO2 extraction or chemicals. The first process provides the highest quality as there are no added components to the oil. When it comes to chemicals, they are added to the plant to extract them. Next, the chemicals are filtered out, resulting in the oil product.

Consuming the oil

Cannabis previously was consumed through smoking it. The result? Lungs were damaged and by-products have also been involved, including tar. This is where another advantage of the oil comes in: you can consume it in your drinks and food. Hereby you do not damage your organs, and no by-products enter the body. 


Be ready to learn about a community

As you can add the oil to your drinks and food, many people are sharing recipes online. Ranging from shakes to cake and salads. Hereby you can try lots of different recipes and see what works for you. Another option is the use of capsules. For people that use it daily, the capsules are the best way forward. This allows you to dose it consistently, realizing the best possible results.

More info on CBD oil

Want to learn more about cannabis oil and what it can mean for users? You can visit the website of Cibdol, a leading Swiss provider of oil products. Their website includes lots of background information, blogs, and product details: