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The career of a business analyst is looked at with extreme curiosity among the aspirants. Business analysts perform their best by blending data skills and business strategies to benefit the firm for which they are working. 

They are the professionals who help the organization to find their place in the market by making most of the collected data, by finding the trends and patterns that control and act as the key figures, and also keep an eye out for unnoticed errors. 

Their ability to communicate their data assessment to people inside and outside the organization and manage them correctly adds to their efficiency. There are specific certifications offered by different organizations to recognize and acknowledge the business analytics skills. 

Some of them are CCBA certification, CBAP certification, CBDA certification, etc., provided by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), an organization that promotes budding business analysts with great career goals and eligibility.

IIBA is a non-profit professional association established to promote discipline and excellence in business analysis and eligible business analysts. The organization came into working in 2003. 

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To develop and encourage efficiency among business analysts, they created ‘A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge’ (BABOK), which is a collection of the required knowledge fields in business analytics, and the details about the practices in the area. 

Spread across the globe, IIBA offers three different types of memberships, including organizational membership, individual membership, and academic membership program. IIBA is a member of the Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations (FEAPO). 

It takes the initiative to conduct exams to find eligible candidates in the business analytics field.

About CCBA Certification

The Certification of Capability in Business Analysis (CCBA) is a famous certification by IIBA. This certification is for the business analysis practitioners who are in need to excel in their careers and crave recognition for their expertise. 

CCBA recipients are recognized and accepted by the organizations and colleagues for their ways of extracting knowledge by analyzing data and for their ability to demonstrate their business skills adequately. 

CCBA exam is a computer-based exam that takes place all over the world to select and certify the best business analysts. Exams are hosted at different locations across the globe with high rates of accuracy and coordination. 

This exam is conducted based on the BABOK Guide, available in both Japanese and English languages. A business analyst should have access to the knowledge in all the six areas mentioned in the BABOK Guide, with thorough knowledge and proficiency in at least two sections. 

The CCBA exam consists of 130 MCQ’s, that are analytical level based ones and scenario-based questions. A career in business analytics is looked upon with high expectation, because it promises a good salary, with an average earning of $68,000 per year, as an entry-level salary. 

Business analysts have a pretty good salary scale, which also attracts the attention of the candidates. 

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Eligibility Criteria:

A candidate who applies for the CCBA exam must have a few qualifications, and they must have a clear view of the CCBA handbook before applying, to have complete information about the eligibility criteria, application process, exam fees, etc.

  • The candidate should possess a minimum of 3750 hours of experience in business analytics, as mentioned in the BABOK Guide, within the last seven years, before applying for the exam. 
  • The candidate must have a minimum of 900 hours of experience in at least two out of the six knowledge sections or 500 hours each in four out of 6 knowledge sections.
  • The applicant should possess a minimum of 21 hours in Professional Development, as a previous experience obtained in the four years before application.
  • The applicant must have a high school certificate or equivalent qualification.
  • The candidate should possess two references, from a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) recipient, career manager, or a client. 
  • The candidate must, without fail, possess a signed copy of the Code of Conduct. 

There are several well-known training centers that offer success guarantees in CCBA exams. These organizations provide highly interactive and effective classes to outperform the other candidates. 

CCBA certification holders have the chance for earning about 28% more salary, when compared to the non-certified candidates, according to the IIBA salary survey 2020. There is a 100% guarantee for the better performance of the CCBA recipients than others. 

The thorough knowledge in BABOK, the efficiency to deal with the real-life data, and the proper communication in and around the firm, etc., will make the business analyst perform better than their colleagues. How much ever skilled a professional maybe, a CCBA certification will only be an additional feather in their cap, a shiny one for sure!