Certified Scrum Master (CSM) or Professional Scrum Master (PSM)? An honest comparison.

Rohan Mathew

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CSM certification

Every development team needs a scrum master to become successful. After becoming CSM certified, the person can handle everything very perfectly in a perfect manner. He can handle every issue of the company related to the technical field. He can give solutions to the team of each critical matter. A scrum master is not a manager or employee, but he is a ‘Responsible leader’ who does him dedicatedly. A CSM has much more responsibility than helping the team but also protecting them from unaware distraction from other unusual things. There are lots of opportunities after having CSM certification. Scrum is the incremental framework for the incremental for managing very complex work.

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PSM training

During the training, the candidate has to attend a 2 day PSM course taught by a certified scrum professor or trainer. The course will provide the students with how to handle and support a scrum team. The PSM course includes agile, scum, agile functioning, and the service to the development team. Nowadays, online courses are also available, but they are not much beneficial since students will get the theory-related knowledge but they will not get the practical skills. The students will have to pass the PSM exam through the SCRUM ALLIANCE PORTAL. Once a student gets fails to clear it, he/she has a second attempt within the time period of 90 days. The student will get two years of membership in the scrum alliance community.

A career in the CSM and PSM field

In this highly competitive generation, it is essential to being update with everything very frequently to become successful in life and having a healthy life. With the growth in the rapid technological changes, it has been very easy to access the CSM course from home also with mobile phones and laptops. After completion of scrum master then you will a very reputed certificate which would help in the job very much. When the person would have clear PSM training, he/she can apply for the scrum master, which tough to get because a fresher doesn’t have any kind of experience to handle lots of responsibility. After having 2 or more years experience the person would get in a reputed company. After working as a scrum master then he or she can progress to the scrum master appended position. After working for more years, the scrum master appended will have a better experience and expertise in the scrum and then after he or she can try to get the job of senior scrum master. After getting this position, the senior scrum master will behave in multiple teams. Then he would be asked to train the new upcoming scrum master or fresher. If the person has a good quality of leadership skills and managing capability, then they can also go for the management position. After completion of both or any of the courses, if the person has qualified and achieved successful results, then no one can stop him/her from getting a luxurious life. But within this, that person must maintain and update his/her quality and always remain a “Responsible leader.”

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The agile scrum has a huge impact like lightning and storm in this world, and CSM certification makes a person unique in this world. The CSM and PSM certification shows that he/she belongs to a “good leader.” The leader can provide their best expertise experience, which will help the whole team for the growth. The CSM certified person is more expertise in this field than the manager.

There is a huge requirement for a scrum master because, in every company, they need betterment and a scrum master is an expert in these lines. The scrum master certification proves that the person has that potentiality which a company actually needed. The scrum master runs the project very smoothly, and his strategies end the project before time. This certification will help you in a very significant way. This certificate will help to get much more salary than the non-certified scrum master. It helps to get the right skills, which are highly required for the organization. After having a better salary than what a person wants to do, he or she can. Getting a luxury lifestyle, having trips to most of the famous places which will be offered by the office itself and getting the best increments. The company will provide the car to travel with a driver. Some most prestigious and expensive party invitations are to be offered to a scrum master as he a leader in the company.