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The first thing we are going to do to know the meaning of the term horoscope, what its etymological origin. We have to emphasize that it derives from the Greek. Specifically, it is the result of the sum of two lexical components of that language:

  • The noun “ora”, which can be translated as “hour”.
  • The verb “skopein”, which is synonymous with “observe” or “look”.

It is a concept that refers to a prediction made according to the position of the stars at a certain moment.

The horoscope, therefore, is a predictive method. The notion is also used to name the text where these forecasts are reflected and the graph that astrologers use to make a horoscope according to the representation of the Zodiac.

To understand what horoscope is, it is first important to be clear about what the idea of ​​the Zodiac refers to. This is the name of the area whose center is crossed by the ecliptic and which includes the twelve signs that the Sun travels throughout a year (the signs of the Zodiac).

Returning to the notion of horoscope, it is a prediction made by an astrologer when observing the graphic representation of the Zodiac, where the positions of the stars are shown at a given time (usually the birth of an individual). According to those who believe in astrology, people born under the same zodiac sign share certain characteristics and their destiny is influenced by the same astral forces.

<strong>How to Check Daily Horoscope Today</strong>

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Today’s daily horoscope and predictions about your sign and all the information about the horoscope, tarot reading, love calculator to see the compatibility between you and your partner.

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<strong>Your Lucky Numbers Today</strong>

If you are looking for numbers to win the lottery, the possibility that you will find them here is the same as anywhere else. What we are going to talk about is another kind of luck.


In fact, perhaps it would have been more accurate to say that 75 is a lucky one, but that was not how the Polish-American mathematician Stanislaw Ulam called this and several other equally lucky numbers when he identified them, in about 1955.


The number 75 is one of the lucky numbers, distant primes of the prime numbers (worth the redundancy), those that can only be divided by themselves and by 1.


It is part of an unusual sequence of numbers that mathematicians have been playing with for the past 60 years.


Despite the fact that for those of us who are not very experts in number theory, Ulam’s sieve may seem like a fun game and little else, it turns out that lucky numbers share some properties with prime numbers.


One of them is that there is a very similar amount: from 1 to 100 there are 25 cousins ​​and 23 lucky ones.


There is also a very similar number of twins: among those under 100 there are 8 twin cousins ​​and 7 twin lucky numbers.

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Twin cousins ​​are those that are only separated by two units, such as 3 and 5 or 11 and 13.


But perhaps even more interesting is that one of the oldest and most difficult unsolved problems in mathematics, involving prime numbers, also extends to lucky ones.


Revered since ancient times, the 7th will facilitate the search for fortune with an extra dose of intuition


The most sacred of numbers corresponds to the seven days of the week, the seven colors of the rainbow, the lucky lives of a cat, the wonders of the ancient world, the gifts of the spirit, the classical planets … For almost all cultures it was always a magic number and today it is the lucky number in many cultures of the East and West. It is a perfect number, the result of the sum of three (the heavenly) and four (the earthly).

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