Choosing the Best Pipe Relining in Sydney

Rohan Mathew

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Sydney is famous for its beautiful Jacaranda trees. They grow in October with clusters of fragrant purple trumpet-shaped blooms.

Despite being a pretty sight, these trees are a cause of concern to the sewer drains and pipelines across the city. Their roots intrude into the terracotta pipelines and damage them. The only solution to prevent the roots from damaging the pipes is to get a pipe relining in Sydney.

The Sydney Water (Government Department) has invested $560 million in a sewer fix program. They have undertaken a task to reduce sewage overflows and clearing tree roots from the public and private sewers. But, if you are still facing blocked drains and tree-roots intrusion, you must hire a pipe relining service in Sydney with these points in mind.

Get your Pipeline Examined

In Sydney, many homeowners conduct a pipeline inspection once a year. It helps in detecting the damage and fixing it before it gets worse.  If you experience foul odour, gurgling sounds, slow drain, etc., you need to get the pipeline examined from a local plumber or reputed inspection company.

The inspecting team will inform you whether your pipes need relining. It is the first step in hiring pipe relining services. Also known as Cured In-place pipelining, the process involves installing a one-piece liner within the existing pipe.

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Conduct a Search Online

If there is severe damage to your pipeline, relining is the only solution. Search for the best pipe relining in Sydney, having a good reputation in the market. Check the reviews and contact the past customers to get honest feedback.

There are a total of 1,855,734 dwellings in Sydney. Every household opts for a pipe relining once in 35-50 years as per statistics.

Check their Experience and Credentials

Around 17% to 26% of the pipelines are restored every five years in Sydney. And, professionals involved in relining services have to undergo rigorous training. It will help if you ask for their past work portfolio, how many clients they have served, and how long they have been in business. Inferior work quality will damage your pipelines again.

Hence, as a precautionary measure, ask for their details and check whether they are licensed plumbing service providers.

Ask for affordable Quote

Usually, the cost of pipe relining depends on the damage caused to the pipe. If there is a tree-root intrusion and the pipe has suffered severe cracks, it must be relined immediately.

In Sydney, the prices of pipe relining can be quoted on either per-foot or per-metre. The price per foot can range between $75 to $250, and the cost per metre can vary between $500 and $1,200 or more. Get quotes from different pipe relining services and select the one that fits your budget.

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Check the Certification

The pipe liners you will install need to be WaterMark approved. It verifies that the product complies with the plumbing code of Australia. Also, it meets the relevant standards of product quality, including health and safety.

It is mandatory in Sydney, to get all the plumbing products certified before the plumbing services register with the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme. So, take no chances.