Clutch Nails Stealing the Nail Art Show with Their Dreamy Eye-Catching Collection

Rohan Mathew


We all want a perfectly polished manicure. However, getting to a salon may be time-consuming, and nail art can be expensive. Enter into the classy press on nails world. These fake nails are a fantastic option to enhance length without the effort and time-consuming application process. Press on nails are effortless to apply and can last for up to two weeks depending on how carefully you use and care for them. You may wear them when showering or swimming (be careful with hot water, which can loosen them). Greatest of all, they can be beneficial to your nails because they are less likely to cause harm than a gel or acrylic manicure and can be reused.

Matching your nails to your dress, cosmetics, or an accessory is a simple solution to enhance your style. Clutch Nails adds its own to spin the matchy-matchy trend with fake nails. Gift yourself a set of Clutch nails that will catch everyone’s eyes. This opulent press-on are long-lasting and of excellent quality. Clutch Nails provides quick manicure kits in chrome, glitter, glossy, and matte styles. Alexandra Tonks founded the company in 2017 with press-on nails in six different shapes: stiletto, round, almond, oval, coffin, and square. It sells crazy designs like the coffin-shaped Hot Girl Stunner set (with flames, of course, for Hot Girls) and the floral-inspired Flower Square set (which comes in a long square shape). Each set includes two dozen nails, a nail file, and adhesive. These press on are stylish, yet they don’t take long to put on.

Are you looking for the perfect summer nail designs? Look no further! The vibrant, eye-catching swirls on their nails collection make them ideal for summer. Keep your outfit muted, and let your fingers do the talking. Remember that all of their extra-long nails may be trimmed with a standard nail clipper and the Clutch nail file included.

Everything from their exquisite rainbow colour nail set to their Christmas collection is one-of-a-kind. The Sugar Baby set from Clutch Nail is one to consider if you want to add a little sparkle to your glam appearance. Bring on the glitz with their trendy glitter manicures that will brighten up any space. Look no further if you wish to create a fashion statement. Glitter press-on nails are glamorous, flirtatious and will undoubtedly make you the star of any party. You were born to stand out, so take advantage of the current fashion trend and get your glitter nail now.

Not a fan of glittery nails? Matte nails are an excellent substitute. Matte nails last the same amount of time as shiny nails, but the finish alters the appearance and texture of your nail design. Clutch Nail’s matte nail designs include short matte nails, summer matte nails, nude matte nails, and matte nail designs. In addition, their press-on nails provide excellent value for money. If you’re on a limited budget or a newbie to press on nails, you should certainly give these a try. You may discover a plethora of unique pieces for other events as well; all of them are of excellent quality and artistry.