Common Human Hair Extension Mistakes

Rohan Mathew

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Common Human Hair Extension Mistakes

Did you cut your hair during the lockdown and you are now regretting the decision?  Human hair extensions can always be of great help. 

Many people across the globe are resorting to using human hair bundles due to the several benefits it offers. However, there are some common mistakes most people make hence do not realize the full benefits of using human hair wigs. 

Keep reading to know of some common mistakes you can easily avoid

Failing to Invest in High Quality Hair extensions 

One common mistake most women make is buying low quality highlight wigs. Before you make any purchase, ensure that you carry out extensive research on the quality of hair extensions available in the market and the different types of hair extensions. 

Hair stylists at Sunber Hair will always advice you on the right wigs length to purchase. 

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Wrong Color Match 

You can purchase a high quality human hair headband wigs, color might look unnatural if the color does not match well with your body skin. 

You can avoid purchasing a wrong color wig by ensuring you try matching the wig by your skin color by placing it next to your hand and seeking opinion from professional hair stylists. 

Using Wrong Washing Method 

Most human hair extensions are ruined by using wrong washing methods. To ensure you do not damage your human hair extensions using the wrong method, ensure that you invest in a high quality shampoo and conditioner. Never brush the wigs whenever they are wet. Always wait for them to dry up and use a wide toothed comb whenever you are brushing. 

Failing to Treat and Take Good Care of the Extensions 

Most people fail to take good care of their human hair wigs. Just like your natural hair on the head, it is important that you also take good care of the human extension. 

To help prevent knots, it is appropriate that you carefully brush out hair extensions using a special brush. In case you style them using hot tools, ensure you use a heat protectant. Try making appointments to the salon on a frequent basis. 

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Place Hair extensions High

Human hair extensions will always be fun until someone informs you that they can see the tracks. This happens when you place the wigs high on the scalp leaving less hair to cover the tracks. 

Putting on Many Extensions 

Although you might in dire need of adding lots of hair volume, adding several extensions is never an option. Adding many hair extensions can only lead to slew problems. In fact, many extensions will weigh down the natural hair and cause some pain. No one will enjoy experiencing headache just because of hair extensions. 

We hope you are now aware of some common problems most people make and have an idea of how to avoid them. In case you are not sure of the right solution, you can always check with a professional hair stylist.