Cotton Picking in 2020: Mechanical Pickers 101

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One of the most important industries in the course of the history of this country has been cotton. An entire region of the country was founded on cotton and even though technology has progressed significantly during the past few hundred years, cotton remains a staple of this country. There are countless individuals and families whose lives depend on harvesting cotton, which is used in many of the staple goods found all over the world, including clothing. At the same time, those who would like to make a sustainable living on cotton need to make sure they are able to harvest their cotton crops in a reasonable amount of time. This is where a mechanical cotton picker is helpful. When it comes to mechanical cotton pickers, there are a few important points to keep in mind. Everyone must understand how a mechanical cotton picker works so that they are able to find the right mechanical cotton picker to meet their needs.

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How Does a Mechanical Picker Work?

For the first few hundred years of this country’s history, cotton was picked by hand. Then, there were machines that were invented to speed up picking cotton. While the cotton gin gets all the attention, the development of mechanical cotton pickers was also significant.

The first mechanical cotton pickers were developed back in the early 1930s. Since that time, mechanical cotton pickers have progressed significantly. During the next few decades, the proliferation of mechanical cotton pickers would completely change the way people grew and harvested cotton. Thanks to mechanical cotton pickers, it is now far easier to harvest cotton using this machine.

In the past, cotton pickers would have to hire people to spend all day picking cotton directly from the bolls, which could be painful, slow, and dangerous. Now, mechanical cotton pickers are used to get the job done in a fraction of the time. This means that farmers can generate more cotton while also spending less money on overhead expenses. With the increased production capacity that stems from mechanical cotton pickers, the price of cotton dropped, making it more accessible while also leading to the growth of the textile industry.

Most mechanical cotton pickers take the form of giant spindles. These machines work by rolling over cotton plants and removing the cotton from the open boll. As the mechanical cotton picker rotates, it leaves the bur on the plant. The mechanical cotton pickers have spindles or strippers that rotate their axes at high speeds while other mechanical cotton pickers used strippers instead. While they are attached to a drum that also turns, the spindle enters the plant, removes the cotton from the plan itself, and returns it to the mechanical cotton picker. This has greatly increased the rate at which farmers are able to pick cotton. At the same time, there are lots of mechanical cotton pickers from which to choose.

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Types of Cotton Pickers

When people are looking for a mechanical cotton picker, it is important to note that there are multiple types of mechanical cotton pickers available. By understanding how each of these options works, farmers can find the right mechanical cotton picker to meet their needs. Some of the most common types of mechanical cotton pickers include:

  • The Cotton Stripper: The cotton stripper is designed to remove the lint from the plant. In addition to removing the lint, they also remove a fair amount of plant matter. This could include bolls that have not yet opened. As this mechanical cotton picker rotates, the plant matter is separated from the lint. The heavier matter is pulled from the lint as the lint moves to the basket that is located at the back of the mechanical cotton picker. This is one of the most common types of mechanical cotton pickers.
  • The Spindle Picker: As alluded to above, another type of mechanical cotton picker is called the spindle picker. This mechanical cotton picker has a row of barbed spindles. They are like those that were used on old cotton sorting machines more than 100 years ago. As the spindle on this mechanical cotton picker rotates, the cotton is literally plucked from the plant. Then, this seed (with the cotton) gets taken from the spindle when the doffer, at the back of the machine gets involved. Finally, the cotton itself is blown upward into the basket and the cotton is collected.

Regardless of the type of mechanical cotton picker that is used, the basket is eventually going to fill up. The picker is going to then dump the products into a module builder. This is going to compact the cotton into a brick. Finally, these bricks can either be stored or run through a cotton gin to sort and clean the cotton.

These are just a few of the most common types of mechanical cotton pickers. They all have their benefits and drawbacks, so it is important for everyone to take the time to think about these options carefully. This will allow them to find the right mechanical cotton picker to meet their needs.

Find Replacement Parts

These are just a few of the most important points that everyone should keep in mind when it comes to a mechanical cotton picker. It is important for everyone to make sure they understand how a mechanical cotton picker works. From time to time, these might be issues that arise with the mechanical cotton picker. In this situation, it is a good idea to find a reliable source of mechanical cotton picker replacement parts. That is where we can help. At Certi-Pik USA, we provide replacement parts for all types of mechanical cotton pickers. We can help you with your mechanical cotton picker as well. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you find replacement parts that are going to keep your mechanical cotton pickers running for years, then give us a call today! We look forward to chatting with you!