Couples Bedroom Improvement Tips for When Lockdown Strikes Again

Rohan Mathew

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Staying indoors during the lockdown is not a bad thing. It gives you plenty of time for the family and perhaps time for lovemaking?

The bedroom is probably your favorite spot for lovemaking, and you want to admit it or not, the setup gets boring after a while.

Lockdown is mostly over. Now is the time to conceptualize and think of ways that can help renew and freshen up your bedroom. 

In that way, you’ll be more ready and comfortable when lockdown strikes again.


Continue reading as I’m about to share some valuable tips and info!

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8 Bedroom Improvement Tips for When Lockdown Strikes Again 

#1 Declutter!

Treat your bedroom as a sacred space. Free it up from any clutter! Clutter can make you feel uncomfortable and is also bad for your health. 

So, get rid of things that you don’t need and only keep those with importance. 

#2 Clean up!

Clean the nook and crannies of your bedroom. It feels comfier to sleep or make love in a clean and fresh bedroom. 

Vacuum the furniture and carpet, dust all the surfaces, take out the trash and change the beddings from time to time. 

#3 Use essential oils

Essential oils can help your mind and body relax. It has natural calming effects that can last for the entire day or night. 

Essential oils can also help relieve erectile dysfunction and increase libido. Some of the best essential oils for your bedroom are rose, jasmine, and fennel.

#4 Bring the outdoors in

Plants are a great ornament for your bedroom. It refreshes the bedroom and helps improve the quality of your rest.

It can also relieve stress and anxiety – both are factors that can affect sex. The aloe vera and the spider plant are amongst the best plants for maintaining a clean and cozy bedroom.

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#5 Remove the distractions

Leave the distractions outside the bedroom. These include gadgets, televisions, and computers.

It can prevent you from bonding with your partner and can also disturb your sleep. However, you can leave a small stereo for playing your favorite while trying to relax and set the mood. 

#6 Invest in quality sheets

The bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom. Soft and comfy sheets are essential to make your bed more relaxing and inviting. 

Choose a material that you like to touch. Also, consider thread count – 300 is a good number. It can sustain sexual activity without tearing. 

White sheets look elegant, but it may not be the best color because it is susceptible to stains and dirt. Try green, brown, or dark-colored sheets…

One more thing…

You also need to look for quality pillows. Perhaps a sex pillow for spanking and easy penetration.

Read more here about the best sex pillows that can spice up your sex life. 

#7 Get the lighting right

Romance is in the air. So, don’t spoil it with super bright lights! A fair amount of light can help set the mood and focus on your sexual desires. 

Dimmers are an excellent addition to your bedroom lighting. Also, keep candles in mind.

The good thing is…

You can quickly achieve a romantic bedroom light without breaking the bank – channel in your creative to arrive at the best lighting idea. 

#8 Try sex furniture

Sex furniture comes in different types. It is essential to choose the best fit for you and your partner.

Try the sex chair, benches, swings, etc. And if you want to take the experience to a different level, you can also try ropes and cuffs.

Sex furniture is great because they are versatile. Some are also inflatable, which makes it easy to store if you have limited space. 

Let’s get it on!

So, is your bedroom ready for lovemaking when Coronavirus lockdown hits again? I hope so…

Consider improving your bedroom from time to time to help improve your sex life and scenery. 

Let me emphasize this:

You don’t have to spend a lot. Most of the things that you will need are within arms’ reach.

Also, don’t be afraid to add new things to your bedroom, such as a sex chair – trust me, your partner’s imagination will go wild every time. 

Are you ready? 

Let’s get it on!