The Advantages of a Knockdown Rebuild 

Rohan Mathew

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Sydney has a population of 4.9 million, according to a 2020 statistics report. With the area of Sydney being 12,368 square kilometres, the current population density of the city is about 430 persons per square kilometre. In international standards, this number is not high and makes Sydney one of the least dense cities in the world. It is, therefore, safe to say that living in Sydney is still comfortable based on international standards.

Residents of Sydney enjoy living in a city that is busy with commerce while also having access to pristine beaches. Most residents of Sydney will stay in the city for life. However, there are times when people may get sick and tired of living in their old homes that they may think of moving to a new home or renovating their existing homes. While these two options may suit them, there is another option that they should consider a knockdown rebuild in Sydney.

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What is a Knockdown Rebuild?

A knockdown rebuild is a process where your old existing home is demolished to make way for the construction of a new home. This trend is becoming more popular in Sydney as residents realize the benefits of building a new home instead of remodelling or purchasing a new home located in another location. Here are some of the advantages of a knockdown rebuild. 

Build the Home that You Want. Knocking down your old home will allow you to design the home that you dream of. Is your old home lacking living spaces for your growing family? If so, then you can build a new home with the right amount of rooms that you will need. A knockdown rebuild will allow you to have full control in deciding for the floor plan and layout, the sizes of the rooms, bathroom and kitchen configuration, the fixtures and finishes, and the façade of your new home. 

No Need to Change Location. Demolishing your old home and building a new one on the same site will allow you to retain your address still. Retaining your old address will also be beneficial for your children since they will not need to change schools, and they may keep the friends that they have already made within the neighbourhood. Studies have shown that keeping quality friendships during childhood have lifelong ramifications on children’s mental health

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No Nasty Surprises. When you opt for a renovation, you are taking the risk of finding out that your renovation costs will be more expansive as compared to a knockdown rebuild. You may find out too late that you cannot knock down a wall for an extension room because the wall is load-bearing or any other reasons. Likewise, when you are renovating, you are still left with your home’s old plumbing and electrical wiring which may already be in poor condition. Building a new home will mean that you will have all-new plumbing and electrical systems that will be up to code with new housing standards. 

More Cost-Effective. Many people assume that rebuilding a home is going to be a costly endeavour. They will be surprised that a knockdown rebuild in Sydney may be more cost-effective than renovating a home or purchasing a new one. With a rebuilding, you already own the land that your house sits on. You will only need to invest in money for demolition and construction. 

A knockdown rebuild is a great option for homeowners who want to change their old homes to fit their expanding family. This may be a more cost-effective option as compared to renovation or purchasing a new home in another location.