Covid-19: 5 Tips for Reopening Your Business

Rohan Mathew

As of June 2020, many businesses in all 50 states have started reopening their doors to the public. Over half of all states have also allowed entertainment establishments to reopen. Only six states have not permitted food and drink shops to resume operation.

Even if your state has allowed your business to reopen, you must do what you can to be COVID-safe. Not just you, but your employees and customers too.

To that end, we’ve created this short but concise list of tips for your grand reopening. Feel free to print a copy or bookmark this page to keep it handy.

  1. Schedule Regular Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection

Schedule your business for COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection several times a day. For starters, you should have your facilities cleaned and disinfected before opening hours. Have the sanitation and sanitization crew carry out their duties several times in a day.

Cleaning and disinfection should also be more frequent for areas that get a lot of traffic. These include toilets, pantries, and other common areas. The same goes for all high-touch surfaces, like light switches, phones, and counters.

  1. Use Disinfecting Mats Wherever Applicable

Every square inch of an average shoe can house hundreds of thousands of bacteria. That should be enough reason to use disinfecting mats in and around your place of business. These mats can clean the soles of shoes and may also help lower the risk of germs spreading on your office floors.

Also, note that one study, albeit small, found that shoes can carry the COVID-19 virus. It’s best to take every safety precaution you can, so be sure to start using these disinfecting mats.

  1. Invest in a Contact-Free Thermometer

If plausible, you may want to invest in a no-touch forehead thermometer or scanner. You can place this at the entry point of your office or shop to ensure that each person who enters doesn’t have a fever. Some of these scanners cost under $100, but they’re reliable and can be a useful tool to avoid the spread of the virus.

  1. Setup Counters for Hand Sanitization

Setup hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol throughout the office or shop. Speaking of which, you should stick to products that use ethanol or ethyl alcohol. Scientists say it’s more effective than isopropyl alcohol in killing the flu virus.

In toilets and washrooms, provide liquid hand soaps and disposable tissues. Post friendly reminders about washing hands for at least 20 seconds. Be sure to use no-touch trash bins to avoid having to touch surfaces.

  1. Disinfect Devices and Equipment Before and After Every Use

Use disinfecting wipes on anything that you regularly use and touch. This is especially important for surfaces, phones, computer screens, and other electronics. Wipe them clean and then disinfect them before, during, and after every use.

6. Add Indoor Mapping system to the office

As the COVID-19 pandemic changes the rules of human interaction, corporate and organisational leaders must create a new concept of workplace safety for their employees. Security planning with indoor maps found here is a must in your office. Companies must set out seat assignments and safety protocols, as well as know who is in and who is out of the workplace. They must also be aware of where maintenance has been carried out and how physical systems are functioning.

Keep Everyone Safe During and After Your Grand Reopening

The safe reopening of your business means complying with the CDC’s strict guidelines. However, it’s for everyone’s safety, so be sure that each of your staff members also follows the rules. If we all uphold these protocols, we can flatten the curve sooner rather than later.  You can help to reduce contact in the office or front of house by using sneeze screens.

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