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The Internet has revolutionized the way we consume and the global economy. Access to information is faster, and now we can buy and sell almost anything without having to travel. All you need is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection to be up to date with the latest news. The world of auctions is also undergoing its digital revolution with the development of online auctions.

Online auctions versus traditional auctions

Until a few years ago, auction houses attracted a wealthy clientele from a certain social class, very often collectors. There was a special atmosphere in these places, where buyers and sellers of priceless works rubbed shoulders. Even today, vintage cars, unique jewellery and works of art from all over the world can be sold at auctions held by traditional auction houses.

But the development of the Internet and new technologies has given rise to a competitor that has become formidable over time: online auctions. They appeared in 1995, and they continue to increase with the appearance of dedicated merchant sites and startups.

The democratization of online auctions has made it possible to widen the diversity of goods offered for sale, and the public has become much larger.

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What are the advantages of online auctions?

About 1.66 billion people around the world buy goods online. Buying items from the comfort of your home isn’t just the prerogative of casual online shoppers. Online auctions are becoming popular for buyers of all types. Since there are many benefits to an online auction, we have outlined some of the main benefits of bidding over the net.

Global Presence: One of the main advantages is the opening of auctions around the world. A physical presence is therefore no longer essential. The Internet allows anyone to sell or buy at auction from their computer regardless of the time and place they are. There is, therefore, no geographical barrier or problems related to jet lag.

Wide range of items for sale: The items for sale can come from all over the world, which helps to expand the audience. Who says a wider audience says more diversified goods. Today anyone can auction any property. Some sites use experts to certify goods, but this is not automatic.

The cost of selling is reduced: You can introduce a variety of cost-cutting measures to your auction business by operating online. Benefits such as reaching a global audience, reducing transaction costs, reducing inventory and storage levels, and having a more effective marketing strategy all help reduce the cost of sales.

Effective, targeted marketing: The auction website is full of information, and there is a lot of data to mine. The analysis of the site will reveal the interests of your users, displaying the behavior and purchasing habits. This information can be used to determine which items users should be directed to. Website traffic data can also be used to optimize e-mail marketing methods, tailoring them to the interests and behavior of users.

Creation of new markets: Online sales are an excellent way to access previously unattainable markets.

Internet auctions- a market open to trading 24/7, 365 days a year: No matter what time your office is open, you can always have items for sale online. Even if you continue to run offline auctions, you can still bridge the gaps between physical auctions and maintain a steady stream of revenue and customers through your business. All of this also means that you can ride sales across time zones and reduce the need for your customers to travel to take part in offers. You can sell effectively while you sleep as your site is accessible at all times.

Secure Payment; Payments for goods are secure and simplified. You pay for the good once the sale is over, without the additional costs, as is the case with traditional auctions. In general, sales platforms offer assistance in the event of a problem.

Save time and money: Since you won’t have to travel to make your purchase, you won’t have to spend either. No travel means no money spent on gas and money saved by not putting unnecessary miles on your vehicle.

Comparison and research: Auctioneers usually open online auctions one week in advance of bids. This means that you have time to research the articles that interest you. You have the option to compare different models in order to see which one might best suit your needs. You can research items to determine how much you are willing to offer at the right time. This is a great way to organize your shopping and get the best deals.

Convenience: Although there is a specific time period in which to bid online, during that time, you have the flexibility to bid on items 24/7. You can place an offer while at home while sipping a cup of coffee or even while sitting in a car wash.

Online auctions know no geographical barriers: The absence of geographical boundaries can be classified as the greatest convenience resulting from online auctions. It offers the seller the ability to present products and services to millions of people for free. The product is made available for online bidding before potential buyers start bidding on it, outperforming each fairly and remotely.

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How do online auctions work?

All you have to do is register for free on an online platform and connect with your username. You can select one or more sales and choose a lot that interests you by consulting its description sheet (detailed information on the product and on the sale, conditions of sale, etc.).

Once registered for the auctions online in MA, you can either bid over the phone or if you cannot be present, you can leave a buy order.

The purchase order allows the buyer to define the maximum price he can pay for the purchase of a good. On the Internet, there is no such thing as an auctioneer. It is the platform that will bid in place of the buyer as soon as his bid is exceeded by a “competitor”, up to the maximum price previously defined.

As soon as the sale is completed, an email is sent to the buyer to let him know if he has won the auction. If this is the case, he will have to pay the amount awarded online and will only be able to recover his property once the payment has been approved.