Current Trends of TikTok That Will Blow Your Mind

Rohan Mathew

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TikTok is gaining massive importance for marketing considering its persistently rising user base. The platform has over 600 million monthly active users. Hence, brands have a presence on this social application believing that they can earn a large number of potential customers. Marketers are also stating that TikTok will have a good rise in its user base for at least the next few years. So, promoting your brand through this social application can do wonders for your company. The platform is a perfect fit for the B2C companies as many Generation Z and Millennials are the majority user base of this social application. These two age groups form the major potential buyers. Hence, an efficient TikTok strategy and implementing it can skyrocket your sales and enhance your brand reach.  

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Hashtag Challenges:

Hashtag Challenge is one of the powerful social media tactics that could elevate your brand awareness at the speed of wildfire. If the concept you come up with for the hashtag challenge seems interesting and using a hashtag generator is quite beneficial to garner people’s attention and drive many people to participate in it. In such a way, your brand can build a relationship with many people who can turn into your long-lasting customers. Let me give you an example that gives you a better understanding of the potential of the hashtag challenges. The Superbowl event that took place last year is a massive hit among all its events that occurred till date. TikTok is a significant reason for its massive accomplishment. During the Superbowl halftime, the world-famous singer Jennifer Lopez performed a show, making the event a huge hit. During the show, she performed some moves. She insisted the viewers perform the same moves on TikTok with the hashtag #JLoTikTokChallenge.

Many people came forward irrespective of the changes and did TikTok with the denoted hashtag. Even people who don’t have a TikTok account opened one to do this. Thus, this challenge gained a vast reach with people from various countries participating in this challenge. Subsequently, this has also made the Superbowl event achieve a huge reach. Its name reached the countries where it didn’t even have considerable viewers. Thus, the hashtag challenge made Super Bowl a huge hit and let many know about it. This is the same way hashtag challenges work for brands. It improves brand awareness to a vast extent than any other social media strategy. 

So, focus on ideating concepts for hashtag challenges on TikTok. The challenge shouldn’t be much harder to perform. Because the success of this strategy relies on the number of people who come forward to take part in it. So, come up with concepts that should drive people and easier to perform. At the same time, it should evoke emotion among the viewers. For instance, some hashtag that seems to be hilarious has gained massive reach more easily than other forms. So, you can come up with concepts that could make people laugh out loud. Subsequently, your brand name will reach many through the hashtag challenge videos. So, if your goal to have a presence on TikTok is to improve your brand awareness, then hashtag challenge is the ideal one for you. 

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Go With The Micro-influencers:

TikTok is a social platform that has an enormous number of influencers. The platform has many people who rose to the stardom of an influencer through their fascinating content. Hence, brands are giving more importance to influencer marketing which eventually increased the demand for macro and mega influencers. Owing to this, small-level businesses are unable to hire these influencers as they levy hefty charges. Hence, this has turned the marketers’ heads towards micro-influencers. These micro-influencers also have the potential to maximize your growth on TikTok.

Moreover, micro-influencers are more flexible. They are more open and value your decisions. This is very much important in making the strategy a huge hit. So, making use of these influencers also has a considerable range of benefits. You can also promote your brand through more than one micro-influencer at a time owing to their less follower base. Influencers can also buy TikTok likes services that will help in increasing the engagement rate of the posts.    

Wrapping Up:

TikTok is the social channel that is having a consistent growth with many people moving into this social application every day. The platform also keeps on adopting new trends, which helps it to sustain its user base.