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Rohan Mathew

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On the web development market, there is no single, generally accepted model of behavior – some companies spend hundreds of thousands on a website, while others model a website based on a template per day. Both the first and the second, probably, consider their choice to be correct. But for us, an important criterion is the effectiveness of the site for business, the level of traffic, and position in Google. Let’s figure out which site – by template or by individual development – is better according to these criteria.

Let’s start with the essence. Why is individual website development preferable and correct? The customer receives a high-quality website, created according to his requirements and his business, which is customized for certain results, for the fulfillment of specific goals. Individuality is always good. But why do so many persistently choose a site by a template? It’s economical. It’s not expensive. But this is a big compromise. If you choose a “template approach”, you cannot get serious results from a website for your business.

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When choosing web development services with an individual approach, the customer is directly involved in the creation of an exclusive project. An individual marketing strategy, unique graphic design, and functionality are formed for it. The whole process is done by hand, with an accurate understanding of the goals, characteristics of your business, and ambitions.

The structure of such a website is completely created from scratch. Each of its elements is thought out to the smallest detail to achieve a common goal. Custom development is a great opportunity to lay the foundation for future enhancements to expand functionality. Also, at the development stage, an SEO audit of the site is carried out. Allowing in the future will ensure the highest search engine optimization performance.


When ordering a template site, the client receives a ready-made shell connected to the data management system. There are thousands of templates that are popular across various industries.

The cost of such a banal solution of custom web development services is very democratic, and several times less than the amount that will have to be spent on individual development. But the template allows you to solve only some tasks, and you will have to pay extra for subsequent developments. And there is no guarantee that the purchased template will meet the challenges facing your business. Often, the possibilities for brand promotion on a template site are extremely limited. When a website is made to order, it fully meets expectations and is produced much faster.

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Security in web development and website creation is a very topical issue. Hacking user databases, introducing malicious code, DDOS attacks, all of this can not only suspend the operation of a website or application but also seriously damage the brand image. When contacting specialists, you can be sure. That at the development stage the same safety rules will be observed as in the finished version.

Scalability and Flexibility

The templates are versatile and will suit everyone. They solve current problems well, but what if you decide to scale your business? They have many additional features. As traffic grows they will slow down the page load speed, and the restrictions will only increase.

A custom-designed website is one of the custom web development services, that gives you the ability to work with your budget and add new features as needed. Your developer will build the site specifically to suit your current goals while ensuring that it scales as you grow. Such sites have no inherent limitations on the amount of user traffic they can handle without compromising functionality.

Functionality Optimized for Your Business

If you want to make any serious e-commerce site then custom website design is a must, template-based sites do not provide the flexibility to accommodate the backend needed for an e-commerce model.