What to Do If Your Baby Has Suffered a Birth Injury

Rohan Mathew

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Every year, millions of babies are born without any complications or difficulties. In approximately 7% of births in the U.S. however, an infant will sustain a birth-related injury. Of course, every parent will do everything in their power to ensure their baby is well cared for during the birthing process. From making detailed birthing plans to carefully choosing a hospital, parents-to-be place an enormous amount of energy into caring for their child, even before they’re born.

Despite this, it isn’t always possible to predict what will happen during childbirth and unavoidable injuries may sometimes occur. However, not all birth injuries are unavoidable. If an injury has been caused by a doctor’s mistake or negligence, for example, it may have been avoidable with the right care.

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Being prepared for any eventuality and being aware of the risks can help you to deal with anything that happens during childbirth. By knowing what to do if your baby suffers a birth injury, you’ll be more equipped to deal with the situation, if it arises. To learn more, take a look at some of the steps you’ll need to take if you suspect your baby is experiencing a birth-related injury:

1. Get Medical Help

Some birth injuries are more serious than others and may require immediate medical intervention. If you’re concerned about your baby’s welfare, ask for medical help straight away. If you feel uncomfortable with the care you and your baby have received thus far, you are within your rights to ask for a different doctor or to get a second opinion.

2. Access More Information

Emotions are running high immediately after the birth of a child, so you might forget what you’re told or have trouble remembering the details. Talk to your medical team about any possible birth injuries and try to make notes, if you feel able to. Many birth injuries heal themselves quickly and without medical intervention, so a discussion with your healthcare team could help to put your mind at rest.

3. Seek Legal Advice

When birth injuries are caused by malpractice, it is possible to take legal action. With the right professional support, you can make a claim on behalf of your child and obtain compensation for them. Go to Birth Injury Malpractice Lawyers website to find out more. While financial compensation won’t undo the harm your baby has suffered, it can help to ensure that you’ll be able to fund any subsequent treatment or care they might need.

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4. Rely on Others for Support

New parents often need support from the people around them, especially if the birth was traumatic or the baby has sustained a birth injury. However, there are dedicated support groups to help parents in these situations too.

Dealing with Birth Injuries

How you deal with a child’s birth injuries will depend on the type of injury they’ve sustained, as well as the severity of their symptoms and any treatment they require. With the right interventions and support from medical practitioners, malpractice lawyers, counsellors, therapists and loved ones, however, you can overcome the difficulties associated with a traumatic birthing experience and deal with any birth injuries your baby has experienced.