Diabetes – Root Cause, Myths And Home Remedies

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Diabetes - Root Cause, Myths And Home Remedies

Although diabetes is one of the common health problems, there are several myths and misconceptions about this health condition. Diabetes is a long-term health concern in which the body is not ready to regulate the amount of glucose or sugar in the blood. 

Sometimes the misrepresentations of diabetes can be dangerous for our health and lead to an unfair situation as well. Most people even do not know everything about diabetes, even some people may not be aware of its types and causes. 

Type 1 diabetes is one type in which cells of the pancreas collapse partially or completely to create insulin. While the most common type is Type 2 diabetes. In this condition, the pancreas creates insulin, but body cells increase stability. As a consequence, blood glucose levels are disrupted from equilibrium. Unregulated or irregular glucose levels can be an obvious reason for numerous diseases. 

Here are some vital things that you can do to improve your blood glucose levels, which are also the most important factors accountable for maintaining diabetes. These are; a well-balanced diet with proper time management and a healthy lifestyle. Before we discuss solutions, you must know the common root cause and myths about diabetes. 

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The root cause of diabetes

The most common root cause of this health condition is an unhealthy lifestyle or a disturbed lifestyle. Lavleen Kaur, a famous dietitian in India, says when we start eating junk and unhealthy foods, we automatically start disturbing our lifestyle which causes low immunity.  

Myths about diabetes

One of the common myths about this health situation is fruits like mango, grapes, bananas should be avoided. You can eat these seasonal fruits, but you should eat these fruits with proper time and quantity management. 

Though, if you want to eat these fruits on an empty stomach or post workout, you can make a combination of fruits and nuts. The second myth about diabetes is to avoid sweet potatoes. It is better to consume sweet potatoes in the right way. Another myth is to avoid rice.  

Solution and home remedies

Improve your lifestyle

Moving your body or walking is the most effective way of controlling glucose levels. You can include yoga and strength training in your daily routine. Strength training benefits to improve your muscle and bone mass. 

That eventually improves your blood glucose levels. Along with these, a good sleep of 7-8 hours is a necessity. If you want to follow a diet for weight loss, it is good to prefer a plant-based diet instead of an animal-based diet. 

Dietary tips

Proper intake of protein, vitamins and other elements is important to regulate this situation. As we have discussed some myths about diabetes, if you eat those items in the right way, there is no problem. You can eat rice and fruits with proper time and quantity management. You can have a measured quantity of rice. 

Make sure rice must be eaten in a small serving and according to the clock. Make sure your rice should be loaded with lots of vegetables. It helps to absorb amino acids efficiently. Fruits can improve a lot in managing glucose levels when eaten at the right time, that is in the morning. It is important to avoid fruit juices completely. 

The reason is fibre content in juice is negligible and it can fasten your blood glucose level. Try to avoid fried potato. It is good to eat a boiled potato with the right amount of fibrous foods like green vegetables. Paneer, tofu, eggs and chicken, are protein content. And the last and important thing you need to keep in mind is your dinner should be before 3 hours to bed. 

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Home remedies

The only and most effective remedy for this situation is your lifestyle. If your lifestyle is not good, there would be no benefit to using any home remedy. So, focus on your lifestyle and take a look at these effective remedies. 

The first remedy you can try is black cumin and fenugreek water. The second remedy is garlic syrup. The third is cinnamon and clove water. Aloe vera juice is also very effective to maintain diabetes. 


Diabetes can be a very critical health situation that we can face if not maintained properly. It is not a disease, but it is simply a condition of the body in which the body is unable to use glucose and insulin accurately. Hence, with help of a well-balanced diet and a good lifestyle, one can deal with this health situation very efficiently.