5 Major Differences Between the United States and Canada

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In This Article, We Are Going To Mention 5 Major Differences Between the United States and Canada

Are you traveling between the United States and Canada soon?

In 2019, over 13.25 million American citizens crossed over the board and into Canada. Although non-essential travel between the countries is currently banned cause of the COVID-19 global pandemic when the border re-opens you’ll want to have a better idea of what to expect during your visit.

5 Major Differences Between The United States and Canada

Read on to learn 5 major differences between the United States and Canada!

  1. Currency

Canada uses a different currency than the United States. This means you need to arrange to either exchange currency before you visit or go to an ATM when you arrive in Canada.

Canadians have coin denominations of 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, $1 and $2. Did you notice that Canada doesn’t have a penny? In 2013, Canada did away with The one-cent coin because of the cost to produce them and the lack of circulation.

To have a better idea of how much money you will need, you should know the currency exchange rate before you enter Canada! This will have you have a better understanding of the difference in cost of goods between the countries.

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  1. The Metric System

Canada uses the metric system while the United States is one of only three countries worldwide that doesn’t.

When you are traveling around Canada, you are most likely to notice this when you drive. Road signs will reference the distance between cities in meters, while speed limit signage will be designated in kilometers.

You’ll want to know the conversion from miles to kilometers so that you don’t break the law while driving.

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  1. Two Major Languages

The United States uses English as its official language throughout the country, but Canada can’t say the same.

While Canada primarily uses English throughout its provinces, French is the language you will hear most in Quebec. While many people in Quebec also speak English, it will be helpful for you to know some basic French to help you during your stay.

  1. Healthcare System

Healthcare is an important topic for citizens in the United States and Canada but for different reasons.

While the United States hasn’t socialized its medical coverage, all Canadian citizens have free insurance. In the United States, healthcare is a hot topic in politics but not so much in Canada.

As a non-citizen of Canada, you will want to buy travel health insurance to help cover your bills in the event of an unexpected accident in another country.

  1. Canada’s National Sport

Sports like basketball, baseball, and football are some of the biggest professional sports in the USA but Canada’s national sport is hockey.

Canada is home to six teams in the National Hockey League and each franchise has a loyal following of fans. The country is also home to the highest level of major junior hockey in North America in the Canadian Hockey League (CHL).

While Canadians also tend to enjoy basketball, baseball, and football, you shouldn’t miss attending a hockey game while in the country.

Wrapping Up: Traveling Between the United States and Canada

Traveling between the United States and Canada can be a rewarding experience for people both young and old.

Before you visit Canada, spend some time reading about the cities you will be going to find the best things to do. Although there is a lot these countries have in common, their differences are what make them unique.

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