Support of Social Media in Hotel Digital Marketing

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In This Article, We Are Going To Discuss About Support of Social Media in Hotel Digital Marketing.


Advancement of technology and media has issued a concern for hotel marketers as conventional marketing (like word of mouth, pamphlets, posters, radio, and TV) is unable to fetch the desired output. Statistics suggest that more than 65% of hotel bookings performed online. Therefore, the dependency of the hotels on digital marketing is imperative for advancing sales and gaining the potential client mass. 

Social Media Marketing Serves Well 

A wide array of options for digital marketing of hotels include email marketing, efficient usage of the on-site and off-site SEO, Metasearch Marketing, a well-informed website, and social media marketing and newly emerging technologies (using ChatBots). It is interesting to note that hotel marketers are highly reliant upon and invest their finances on marketing through social media amidst all the available options. Discover the hotel marketing trends this 2022 and how hoteliers may get ready for them because marketing trends vary frequently.

Did you know that millennials account for two-thirds of the hotel’s client population? If that’s the case, then social media is the undisputed champion for digital marketing of hotels, as, on average, a millennial scrolls through various social media, for 5 to 6 hours daily. 

Social Media Marketing interchangeably known as Influencer Marketing, captures the target audience through:

  •  Collaboration with the influencers: partnering with prominent people from the concerned industry or celebrities, in general, helps in the virtual promotion of the hotels. People tend to adhere to the lifestyle choices of such influencers. 
  • Connecting through Branding: more in-depth exploration of the features of the hotels on social media, as allowed by the authorities, help customers in scrutinizing and making informed choices while developing a long-lasting trust in the brand value. 
  • Capturing Phases: capturing the various moments during the tenure of a guest, at a hotel, followed by a to-do list and the activities completed during the entire cycle of the journey, help other customers in receiving a fair idea of the facilities provided, as well as, lures them to visit the same. 
  • Constant Conversation: establishing a thorough communication with the customers on social media, from the time they visit the social media page or group of the hotel to the completion of the booking process, is essential. Regular updates from the page, coupons for offers, and other valuable information could influence a customer to opt for a particular hotel. 

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Facebook as the Forerunner 

Hotel marketers create content as the chemical and utilize Facebook as a catalyst to initiate a response from their customer base. No other social media caters to the mass, as Facebook does.

  •  Firstly, hotels can make their Facebook pages and groups interactive by organizing regular events. The potential customers can participate and receive gift coupons that could attach their interest to a particular hotel. 
  • Secondly, the Page or the Group should have the required information about the location, the surroundings, the lifestyle and the others.
  • Third, Facebook Ads and Marketplace, facilitate direct bookings of hotels, as professionals tend to refer to these options for an organized and precise outlook. 
  • Fourth, the Reviews provided by the previous clients act as feedback for the valuable service of the hotels, thereby urging new clients to gain insight from the same. 
  • And lastly the Facebook Page contains an option for people to Invite their friends and acquaintances, whereby new customers get positive recommendations from previous customers. 

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Interest Creation with Instagram 

The algorithm of Instagram functions to portray beautiful pictures and videos and increase the ‘reach’ of a particular hotel. A billion users can browse across this platform to receive: 

  • A fair idea of the place, location, and features from the pictures, videos, and posts created the customers, the hotel staff, and the influencers. 
  • Decent insight into the facilities and amenities provided by the hotels 

Sharing images or selfies on location in the story feature of Instagram, allows the customers to get a feel of the hotel, from a distance. Moreover, the Hashtag feature of Instagram, helps the hotels to reach a wide range of customers, across the globe. 

Miscellaneous Media 

  • The Periscope feature of Twitter is handy for hotel digital marketing. Since Twitter has a wide range of users, a tweet about a particular hotel could come across millions. 
  • Writing Blogs about a particular Hotel or a location, with occasional references to the hotels of the area, can act as a repository of information for the same, thereby acting as subtle digital marketing for the hotel. 
  • Well, shooting and editing YouTube videos (apart from Facebook and Instagram live videos) could intrigue the customers to the hotels by capturing the facilities, activities, and the entire journey. 

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In this mobile-friendly generation, direct booking of Hotels through Social Media has received an impetus due to the users relying on the reviews, pictorial representations, and advertisements.

Moreover, the easy accessibility and operation of social media benefits both the customers and the hotel marketers, thereby, establishing a vast dependency and relationship with the same. Therefore, to achieve success in the hotel digital marketing field, hotels require an adept technical team that is well-versed in the intricacies of social media. 

We Have Successfully Discussed Support of Social Media in Hotel Digital Marketing In This Article.