Disposable Gloves Buying Guide: Vinyl vs Latex vs Poly vs Nitrile Gloves

Rohan Mathew

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In This Article, We Are Going To Discuss Disposable Gloves Buying Guide: Vinyl vs Latex vs Poly vs Nitrile Gloves.


This is a common way for people to stock up disposable gloves. But the thing is that most people don’t know the correct material for most situations. Such as do you know the main difference between the materials of each disposable glove. Which material is used for cooking purposes and which material is used for janitorial use?

With this buying guide for sure and definitely you will understand the true difference between different types of materials. Because here I have discussed all types of disposable gloves that you can and you have bought from the Online market.

I know these gloves can’t be compared with Grill Armor Gloves but when it comes to usability then these types of globes can be of extreme use.

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Vinyl Gloves:

Preferred use: Food Preparation. These types of gloves are made for short-term or even one-time use. These gloves are cost-efficient and can be considered as the best alternative to Latex gloves type which we will talk about in this article later. They can easily deflect all the contaminated biological substances.

These Vinyl disposable gloves are made with PVC resins. With that, Vinyl gloves are the best alternative to Latex because it can offer you safety and opposes to common allergies that can be caused by it. Powdered gloves are lightly powdered with cornstarch, making them easier to put on hands. It’s a matter of preference to choose powder-free vs. powdered gloves.

Poly Gloves:

Preferred Use: Food Preparation. Offering the best economy, polyethylene gloves serve as an inexpensive solution for creating a barrier between bare hands and food. Combined with proper handwashing practices, poly gloves can assist in maintaining a hygienic environment free from food-borne illnesses.

The different yet innovative texture of this disposable glove that you can buy right now offers you an improved enhancement and that is the griping. Yes! The griping is flawless as if the glove is wet it is less likely to slip. The design aspect is also greatly designed with loose-fitting cam to make it easy to put them on or take them off.

Latex Gloves:

Preferred Use: Janitorial. Coming to the third and the final disposable glove type is Latex gloves. What makes it unique is the blend formation of this glove and the protection and comfort of this type of glove.  And don’t talk about the resistance, no no! We are going to talk about, the resistance of these gloves is perfect and on point. The resistance to puncture is extremely handy when it comes to handling those contaminated substances. And trust me when I say that resistance is extremely valuable great firring and other factors when it comes to disposable gloves.

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But there is a drawback of these types of gloves, as it can cause allergies when you are cooking food. That’s the only reason many people recommend these types of gloves for janitorial use. But before buying you should check whether your state has legalized because there are 3 states that have illegalized the use of latex in disposable gloves. So before buying be sure to check.


So, I hope all doubts are cleared if not then I don’t know what will clear your mind. But even though keeping everything aside this article will surely help you determine which one is better than another. Because every material has its own features and drawbacks.

But each and every material is perfect in their jobs and fulfilling their tasks. So, if you are thinking to buy one then be sure that you have made up your mind on which one to buy. As there are some features and material compositions that can determine different tasks for being used.