5 Best Tools to Resize Images on Windows

Rohan Mathew

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Uploading perfectly sized digital images to your website is an essential part of page optimization. Many website owners and administrators view image resizing as an effective way of achieving proper image size and quality and significantly improving web page loading speeds. However, finding an appropriate resizer of the image can be daunting, given the sheer number of image resizers available on the internet.

We have spent a great deal of time sifting through the most relevant image resizers to create this comprehensive guide on the five best photo resizer tools for Windows. This guide includes paid tools and the best free online image resizer. Use these resizers to create the best digital images for your social media profiles, e-commerce stores, and websites.


Our first mention goes to Windows 10’s native Photos app. This powerful tool comes free on any edition of Windows 10 alongside other useful applications. The minimalist design of this app makes it easy to resize pictures quickly, even for first-time users.

Begin by opening your image in Photos, then click on the three dots in the top right corner to access more options. Click on the resize button and choose a suitable size for your image. For instance, 4 MP is great for general viewing, 0.25 MP for thumbnails, and profile pictures, while 2MP is ideal for messages and emails. If these standard sizes are not enough, you can choose the fourth option to enter your preferred dimensions manually.

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Besides resizing, this app can also rotate, crop, apply filters, and adjust pictures. Unfortunately, the app only processes one image at a time, which can be a huge drawback if you resize multiple images.

Adobe Photoshop Perfect Resize

Adobe Photoshop is arguably the most popular suite of photo editing software currently. Revered by digital editors, photographers, and web designers worldwide, the Photoshop family of applications is powerful and versatile in the right hands. Despite its impressive reputation, resizing photos is not a strong suit of the leading Photoshop app. You can overcome this tiny caveat by using a handy add-on called Perfect Resize.

Perfect Resize is a godsend for anyone willing to invest a modest sum of money. Although users can install it as a Photoshop add-on, it is also available as a stand-alone application. Photographers and digital editors can benefit immensely from Perfect Resize’s powerful features, such as enlarging an image up to ten times its initial size without much loss in visible quality. This feature makes it possible to resize images for posters and billboards. Besides being a paid app, there are no downsides to using Perfect Resize.

Promo Image Resizer

After countless tests and hours of development, the team at Promo finally came up with an easy-to-use online tool that correctly resizes images to over 50 different sizes instantaneously. Begin by uploading a picture or entering its URL. Let the app process your idea, then check the previews of how it looks in numerous formats, including newsfeed images, profile photos, email headers, and cover photos. You can adjust the resized images even further and download the best.

Promo currently resizes images into formats perfect for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google Display Network, email, and blog. Considering the numerous capabilities and formats available on this tool, we firmly believe it is the best free image resizing tool online.


BeFunky is a simple app available in both free and paid versions. The free version is user-friendly and includes all the essential tools for basic image editing. Among the critical perks of BeFunky’s free photo, resizer can adjust images by height and width or a percentage scale. This manipulation feature can be useful when you have the exact dimensions of your desired image or when trying out different image sizes.

Although BeFunky’s free version has just enough features for basic resizing tasks, we recommend upgrading to their affordable monthly subscription to unlock more features, filters, and artistic effects. It is also worth mentioning that BeFunky is suitable for the more casual user. You may not achieve professional-quality image editing with this app.

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Online Image Resizer

With a practical design and one-page access to all the essential features, this resizing tool is the embodiment of simplicity. Its most remarkable feature is batch resizing, which allows users to resize multiple images simultaneously. Besides batch resizing, this online app only provides standard features that barely distinguish it from its competitors. Users can only resize their ideas by a percentage scale, with the option to retain or distort the image’s aspect ratio.

However, this online photo resizer lacks feature-richness. It more than makes up for user-friendliness and processing speed. Users can resize multiple images at a fraction of the rate it takes other resizers to modify one picture.


Image resizing tools have become popular thanks to the growing demand for perfectly sized digital photos. If you cannot access or afford Photoshop yet, we recommend sticking to the other mentioned tools despite their inconsiderable limitations.