DIY Hacks or Pest Control: What’s Better for Your Leander Home?

Rohan Mathew

Texas weather is amazing for most parts of the year, and that offers a thriving environment for pests, bugs, insects, and rodents. If you have found evident signs of infestation, you have to consider immediate steps. Should you pay for a local Leander pest control service? Or is it wise to try a few DIY hacks? In this post, we are comparing both options. 

The perils of DIY pest control

By now, you have probably found thousands of articles on the internet that promise to tackle the pest menace. There are TikTok videos and other hacks too. DIY pest control is truly a myth. Firstly, even if you manage to kill a few ants, roaches, or termites visible to the eyes, you cannot get rid of the problem entirely. Secondly, there are inherent risks of using certain products. In fact, using pesticides and chemicals without expertise or training may pose additional health risks. 

The need for professional pest control

A known & professional pest control company will do what it takes to fix the problem, but at the same time, they will also take steps to mitigate certain risks. With these services, you can expect – 

  1. An initial inspection 
  2. An advanced estimate
  3. Immediate services without delay
  4. Assurance/guarantee on the job
  5. Expertise in handling all sorts of pest problems
  6. Yearly maintenance contracts

Are pest control services the same as exterminators? 

No. Exterminators have just one goal – to kill the pests. That’s not the case with new-age pest control companies. They follow the rules of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), where they take steps to mitigate environmental risks. For instance, pest control companies don’t indiscriminately use pesticides, and when possible, they take additional steps to use products that are safe for both humans and pets. Also, pest control companies are licensed and often members of professional state organizations. 

How much to pay for pest control in Leander?

It depends on the problem and the extent of the infestation. However, you can always get an estimate in advance. If you want to get a maintenance contract, you must pay for that additionally. Always ask the company about taxes and add-ons (if any) so that you don’t have to handle hidden costs later. 

Finding a steadfast Leander pest control company doesn’t have to be hard. Check online to find local listings, and don’t forget to get an inspection done before you get them to do the job.