Do Away With Dark Circles

Rohan Mathew

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Whether you are fair and white-skinned or dusky, dark circles under the eyes are a beauty hazard that is hard to hide and inflicts almost many of us. The most reasonable and most substantial causes include hectic and busy lifestyle, depression, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances, and even heredity. These reasons may lead to dark under-eye circles and become a persistent feature or characteristic on your face.

Having concerns about dark circles is the most common problem around the eye area because the skin around the area is thin, delicate, and stored up with capillaries that get quickly expanded or spoiled due to external or internal physical reasons.

Stress, depression, and lack of sleep cause the expanded capillaries, nasal congestion, continuous rubbing of the eyes due to allergies, dry eyes lead to broken capillaries and blood vessels, all of which can lead to darkening of skin or pigmentation under and around the eyes. There may be a reason for the age as you get older. When you get older, the fat pockets and collagens under the eyes dissolve, causing sunken sockets that allow the illusion of shadows under the eyes. Hormonal imbalance or lack of minerals may even cause hyperpigmentation around the area since the skin is very soft and delicate.

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The eternal panda eyes can be depressing, too, specifically when all sorts of concealers and foundation won’t be able to hide it entirely. So, you are required to take significant care of that sensitive and delicate area under the eye area. You may start the procedure by ensuring that you are getting at least seven hours of beauty sleep, and include folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12, and calcium to your everyday diet. If you are suffering from nasal congestion, sinusitis, and allergies, you may also look for medical assistance from the famous and expert dermatologist in Whitefield.

Suppose you are seeking at-home treatments to get rid of the dark circles. In that case, you can pick depigmentation creams with licorice or kojic acid to spread under your eyes and many other number ways that may help eliminate or reduce the appearance of dark circles under their eyes by the expert dermatologists in Whitefield. But you can not assure the results instantly or even over a while as these home remedies may give you zero results. All these treatments may not apply to all people at the same point in time.

So, in case you have a severe dark under-eye area, it is the best idea to book an appointment and visit a skincare expert dermatologist in Whitefield and get professional aid. 

The expert specialists in the field of dermatology and aesthetics might suggest a medical option, depending on the proper diagnosis of the reason for the dark circles under your eyes. These recommendations by the doctors might include the following:

  • Skin-lightening Cream

To lighten or remove the under-eye hyperpigmentation, a dermatologist in Whitefield might advise a skin-lightening cream with kojic acid, azelaic acid, glycolic acid hydroquinone.

Chemical Peeling

A skincare doctor may recommend a light chemical peel to reduce or lighten a dark pigmentation under the eyes. 

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  • Laser Therapy

Laser treatments use heat energy to vaporize unhealthy and damaged cells. This laser therapy targets the darker pigments under the eyes and aids in lightening or diminishing the dark circles. Also, it may help in inducing the formation of new collagen. Laser therapy will enable resurfacing the skin and improving the skin. This therapy is also used to give the enhanced skin tightening look and provide that ultimate perfect look.

  • Blepharoplasty

Fat can be surgically eliminated in a lower lid blepharoplasty by a plastic surgeon or dermatologic surgeon. This process can decrease the eyelid shadow cast, which leads to a decrease in the appearance of dark circles.

  • Fillers

In this procedure, a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler, including Restylane or Juvederm, can be injected into a dermatologist or specially trained skincare provider. Fillers assist in helping with volume loss under the eye, which can lead to dark circles.

Dermal fillers are non-invasive and effective in fighting ageing, Aesthetic Lane medical spa says

So, it’s always advisable to go and visit your doctor before starting with any home remedies. The expert dermatologists in Whitefield will assist you in any skin-related problems and come up with the best treatments as per your conditions.