Do You Really Need an Attorney When You Get Injured on a Cruise Ship?

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People go on cruise ships annually to have a relaxing time. It may be couples, families, or friends going on a cruise ship to unwind or have time to bond together while experiencing the luxury that comes in going on a cruise. While having fun on the cruise, it is possible to suffer from a major or minor injury.  If the accident is caused by the negligence of the cruise ship and its employees, you can file a lawsuit against them, and it’s best to get a maritime attorney to help you in this case. 

Employees and cruise line operators are trained on how to react to these types of incidents to prevent them from being liable in any way. So, in this case, you should also back yourself with a reliable Miami maritime attorney to help you the best they can.

Here are reasons why you should hire a lawyer in the event of getting injured in a cruise ship:

Maritime laws bound cruise ships accidents

There are separate sets of laws and regulations that you are bound by when you are on a cruise ship, and it is called maritime laws. The law of the land is quite different from the law of the seas. These maritime laws and regulations rule injuries that happen on the cruise ship, and you’ll need a maritime lawyer that is an expert on defending you in this field. Maritime Attorneys are licensed in this type of law, and they already have a lot of experience with this type of case. They will surely know how the whole process works, and help you get to a smooth and stress-free compensation.

Cruise ships attorney will cost nothing upfront

Several victims in cruise ship accidents avoid getting help from an attorney because they think that it will cost them a lot of money. As an injured victim, you are already handling medical fees and spending a lot of time out from work. It can all get overwhelming, but you should be aware that hiring a lawyer will cost you nothing upfront.

In case an injury attorney takes your case, he or she will work for you on a contingency fee principle. What does this mean? It means your lawyer will not charge you for any fees unless you receive compensation from the cruise ship company. If you win the case, the lawyer’s charge will be measured as a percentage of the amount that you received for compensation.

If you are unable to receive anything, the attorney will also receive nothing. Therefore, there is no risk of losing any money by just consulting a maritime lawyer. And the money that you’ll pay will surely be worth it because you’ll save a lot of time and you can focus on other pressing matters like your work or your family. 

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Fighting for a cruise ship accident claim can be hard

Cruise ships are equipped with a full team of attorneys to protect them from future legal actions made toward them by their customers. These attorneys can find any loophole that there may be to avoid the cruise ship company from paying anything. Cruise ship companies and their lawyers are already used to these injury claims, and they’ll surely know how to defend themselves. But with an experienced Miami maritime attorney, you can level the playing field and get your hopes up on winning the case. 

If you’re wondering how a cruise ship accident attorney can help you, here are key points on how they can be of assistance:

  • They are experts on how to investigate the facts regarding your accident, which lead to your injury. This includes them speaking to witnesses or them gathering video footage to support your claims.
  • Accident Attorneys already know how to communicate with your health care insurance team to come up with a complete medical evaluation of your injuries and expenses during treatment.
  • They also have contacts with experts that are vital in this kind of case, economists, for example, which can help calculate the full financial repercussions of the accident.
  • They’ll know how to negotiate with the cruise ship company and fully support you in going to trial if needed to attain favorable compensation. 

Getting into a cruise ship accident is already stressful, you’ll need to go to a doctor to get checked and get medical certificates, including the physical pain that you are feeling and add the time that you spend instead of going to work. It can all get overwhelming, and if you try to solve it on your own, you can miss the opportunity to get proper compensation.


Hire a reliable Maritime Lawyer to help you and relieve you from all the stress that comes with filing and winning a cruise ship accident claim. Get the compensation that you deserve, and you can continue life knowing that you made the right choice by hiring a maritime lawyer for this kind of case.

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His unique maritime education and experience, combined with his professional legal expertise and trial skills provide invaluable benefit to clients when describing the dangers associated with maritime employment to a judge or jury. Keith S. Brais is one of a very specialized group of lawyers in the State of Florida that is Board Certified in Maritime and Admiralty Law by the Florida Bar. Additionally, Keith S. Brais holds an “AV” rating from the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory, the highest rating attainable.

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