Don’t forget these tips while preparing for the Class 7 Maths Exam

Rohan Mathew

Many students consider maths to be a difficult subject. You must first eliminate this notion if you think so too. Maths is an easy and interesting subject. Students lack the right approach to learning maths. Even if it seems challenging, it gets easier once you get used to solving problems. Once you get used to it, you might even get addicted to it. You will want to explore more questions and test your skills. Do not get worried or scared. Maths is a very scoring subject and you can definitely get good marks with the right approach. The first thing to keep in mind is that maths is a practical subject. This means you cannot simply read it or listen to your teacher. You have to pick up your pen and start solving. There is no better way to approach this subject.

Students should build their foundation for upcoming higher classes in class 7. It is important to understand the basics well so that you do not face problems in higher classes. If you are confident with chapters in maths in class 7, maths will be easy in the future. NCERT maths book is the best-recommended book for CBSE students. The language in this book is easy to understand. Here, we discuss few tips that can help you to score good marks in the class 7 maths exam:

  • Solve from the solved examples: At the end of every explanation, there are some solved examples. Do not skip those questions. Try solving them without seeing the solution to check your understanding of the topic. If you get a wrong answer, try to identify your mistakes. If you feel it is a critical mistake, then note it down. If your answer is correct, then try to match the steps from your book. Step marking is done in exams. Therefore, it is important that your approach is correct. Make sure to use a standard textbook for this. NCERT maths book is recognized as a standard textbook for CBSE students. Once you have solved all the examples, then move on to unsolved questions. It will help to build your concepts and confidence. Sometimes, questions in exams are asked from solved examples too. 
  • Practice as much as you can: Maths is a subject which you cannot understand by reading and listening. The more you practice questions in maths, the better you will get. Each problem can be solved in many ways. If you solve a sufficient number of questions, you will come to know about different approaches to attempt the same question, you will be able to find the best method suitable for you. NCERT books are standard books recognized by the CBSE board. You must always start with the NCERT maths exam. It has sufficient practice problems too. The language is simplified and you can easily grasp the concepts. Try to attempt each and every question from all levels of difficulty. If you are unable to solve any question, you can look up the solution in the solutions book. You can purchase it or download NCERT maths book class 7 solutions pdf. You will understand the right approach to attempt any question. There is a step marking in the maths exam. Your approach to solving a question is important too. Your method should be correct. The NCERT solutions book is very useful for this.
  • Maintain a list of formulas: Note down important formulas and tricks. You can make small flashcards and stick them near your study area. Making a list of formulas will help you to memorize them for fast calculations. This comes in handy during revision before your exams. Make the formula list when you are learning a topic for the first time, and revise them again and again. Spending a few minutes every day or alternate days, to just see through the formulas will also help to register them in your memory. Maths is a practical subject and you need not make short notes for it. But while solving problems, you might come across many tips and tricks that will speed up your calculation or tips to understand a concept. Note them down too. This makes it easy to revise maths during your exams. 
  • Do not skip derivation: Some students simply memorize the formulas. Every formula has its own concept behind it. You need to understand maths at such a basic level so that you can correctly solve unseen and tricky questions. If you understand the derivation of a formula, you will better understand how to play with it for a variety of questions. Try to understand each step of derivation and do it yourself. Clear your doubts with your teachers if you have any. You can derive many conclusions from one derivation in your own way. Do not memorize the formulas. Some questions can be twisted in a way where you might need to manipulate the derivation to get the answer. Also, note down important points. 

Revise regularly: Maths is a subject where you need to keep in touch with the concepts. It is not a theoretical subject that you can go through your notes. The only way to understand maths is through problem-solving. Make sure to solve the questions you have solved previously. You will find that you have forgotten some points or formulas. This way you can identify your weak points. Before exams, make sure to solve the questions that you marked as difficult in your textbook. This will brush up your concepts before the exams. Maths should be a part of your daily routine. Make it a habit to solve maths for half an hour to one hour every day. You might feel it difficult to adapt to it initially, but as days will pass, you will gain confidence and enthusiasm. You will no longer need to force yourself to solve problems every day. You will feel the excitement to do so.