Drug Rehabilitation – What You Need to Know

Rohan Mathew

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Drug rehabilitation aims to get the individual out of the addiction to lead a functioning and productive society member. It is a tried and tested method to decrease and ultimately eliminate any drug dependency. A recovered person is likely to attain stability in several aspects of his life after crossing the challenging phase.

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The Critical Treatment Process

  • Drug detox is the prime step in the drug rehabilitation program. This step revolves around removing any drug that remains in your body. The abrupt cessation of drug use is essential to avoid any side-effects of the rehab treatment. Such an abrupt stoppage of consuming drugs can lead to severe adverse reactions, such as nausea, anxiety, depression, vomiting, profuse sweating, and other symptoms. Such conditions can significantly affect the state of the body, negatively affecting the body functioning mechanism. In light of this, medical professionals prescribe medicines to quell the withdrawal symptoms. Although the severities of withdrawal symptoms highly dependent upon the type and duration of the abuse, it differs significantly on the individual.  
  • Depending on the type of abuse, the professionals recommend either an in-house rehab program or on-visit programs. For addicts with profound history, the probability of relapse is almost sixty percent, suggesting the need for residential treatment in the rehabs. The inpatient drug rehab in Alabama provides high-end services from detoxification to relapse programs, providing the addict the best cure.
  • Experts in the field of science suggest that the solution to treating drug abuse lies in the required merging of complex multifactorial interactions, coupled with the biological and environmental elements. In other words, the answer lies in using the expertise of several disciplines. A multidisciplinary approach to medicine, psychology, and mental health are essential for healing completely. Approximately only ten percent of total Americans receive addiction treatment. Such a terrifying statistic points out the need to generate awareness about the benefits a rehab center provides.

Personalized Treatment

Drug rehabilitation does not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Since every human body has different tolerances to drugs, the personalized approach is generally the preferred one. Also, rehab centers do not follow a single method to heal the addict. It is the merging of streams and domains to achieve success. From allopathy to psychology, the rehab centers constitute merging all disciplines into helping the addict overcome the condition. Facilities offering high-end programs tailor their services according to the individual needs of the enrolled patient.  

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Cost-Effective Treatment

The costs incurred for the treatment depend on the duration of the stay, the patient’s situation, and the rehab program. Many people believe that getting clean is expensive, and only celebrities can afford the ransom money. However, this is a myth. With increasing awareness and drug addict death rates, we can see many rehab centers providing the best services at reasonable prices. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2018, more than 67,300 Americans died due to drug-involved overdose, mainly illicit drugs and prescription opioids. 

In light of this, people are actively helping rehab centers to provide cost-effective services to leave no stone unturned. Furthermore, another aspect of the cost factor is the increasing inclination of insurance providers in this industry. Insurance providers have started to cover some areas of the treatment, and this not just aids the rehab centers but also facilitates the addicts and their families.

Fully-Equipped Facilities Emitting Positive Vibes and Cutting-Edge Technology Use

Rehab centers have evolved and are not considered as dismal places anymore. They have converted into welcoming centers full of positivity and good vibes. An addict might think of a Reading PA rehab center as a negative environment invoking negative feelings during the stay’s initial days. However, the lively activities, nutritious diet, and continuous medications push the negative symptoms at bay. Eventually, the addicts are led into a pain-free environment, away from their previous drug abuse life. 

Modern treatment facilities go out of their way to help their patients with expert professionals and using the latest techniques and treatment aids to help escalate the treatment rate. With the increasing cases, countries across the world also suffer from the costs of substance abuse. For instance, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the annual healthcare costs related to alcohol abuse is approximately 27 billion dollars, whereas the prescription opioid abuse is 26 billion dollars. In light of this, government authorities are on their way to strengthen the reimbursement and insurance policies for addicts and their families.

Many people use drugs as coping mechanisms for their day-to-day activities—rehabilitation aids in stabilizing the mind and body of the addicts. Drug rehab centers appreciate the constant support from family and friends of the addicts. The unwavering support by close ones can aid in distinguishing between relapse and full recovery.