Ecommerce trend in Pakistan 2020

Rohan Mathew

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In This Article, We Are Going To Mention Ecommerce trend in Pakistan 2020

Pakistan’s e-commerce industry has been growing exponentially over the past few years. The challenge still remains its heavy reliance on cash rather than digital payments. Over the past few years, there has been a rush of new entrants in the industry as more and more people are making robust forays in the E-commerce industry.

Not only have online shopping in Pakistan from  flourished but a plethora of E-commerce companies pertaining to real estate, the culinary world, transportation and commuting, sale and purchase of vehicles, hotel booking, etc. have sprung up under the tutelage of the auspicious boom in the economy since 2014.

 There is a direct nexus between internet users and the E-commerce industry. Moreover, internet penetration is a vital factor that can potentially raise the number of potential users of online businesses’ and can ultimately increase customer traffic on such websites. 

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 Mobile E-commerce

 The E-commerce activity in Pakistan will be multiplied through the major usage of smartphones. The reason being the mobile infrastructure is still underway and efforts are building up to make wireless technology more affordable and accessible.

 With the emergence of ultra-fast Mobile Internet subscriptions, internet access in the urban metropolitan centers has become omnipresent, while in far-flung places internet access has been introduced only recently and is gradually gaining traction. Pakistan is still fraying with the allocation of 3G licenses, as one can imagine that 4G and 5G are still a long way to go.

 A recent survey by Google revealed that 76% of the visitors used a mobile device in 2019. Similarly, 63% of the visitors accessed (Pakistani E-commerce website) via mobile, in the same year, this number was at 30% just about a year ago and has increased significantly. 

 All these data figures actually reveal that mobile e-commerce will be the market driver in a dynamic market like Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Social Media Culture

 The rapid expansion of E-commerce relies on social media platforms. It is the frequent usage in the personal and professional life of the Pakistani users that actually describes its culture. 

 For instance, Facebook plays a vital role not only in connecting the souls around the globe but also as a direct and indirect source of marketing. 

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 Most organizations have been the potential Facebook influencers in Pakistan as they market their way via Facebook or Instagram pages and via indirect paid marketing platform.

 Since the number of Facebook users in Pakistan is exceedingly low, but it got tremendous room to grow as the masses have started showing interest in adopting online shopping amid the pandemic outbreak.

 Digital Payments

 Digital payments play a major part in the E-commerce industry. Surprisingly, 95% of the Pakistani household like to pay Cash on Delivery (CoD), the logical reason behind this payment preference is that people are not willing to pay before the product arrives at their doorstep. 

 The digital payments’ start-up is yet another opportunity where Pakistan could work if eyeing for global E-commerce leader. Payment methods that are used online shopping in Pakistan include Easy Paisa, Timepey, Mobicash, Wechat, and methods. Efforts like cashback and other incentives should be introduced to encourage its masses for digital payments. its easy to Buy Gift Cards Online.

 In 2019, digital payment contributed to 32% of the total consumer spends on


There is still a tremendous potential and room for growth for E-commerce in Pakistan. Government and business corporates have to develop a sustainable digital infrastructure like India and China that help customers showing willingness by realizing how convenient it is to shop online.