Eight Ways Gardening Helps Aging Adults

Rohan Mathew

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Eight Ways Gardening Helps Aging Adults

Approaching old age can be really stressful. You come to terms with health problems that are inevitable as you get old and the possibility of dying. Moreover, there are other things you have to worry about as well. When one gets old, their children go out into the world to live their life. Your partner gets old as well and so do your friends. Life slows down, and you begin to contemplate. It can also get lonely at times and you’d need something to keep yourself engaged and happy with. Picking up a hobby can be a great start.

A quiet and therapeutic hobby can be good as a starter. One hobby popular among senior citizens is gardening. Being close to nature is very therapeutic and relaxing. If you want to set up a garden for the first time, you can avail the services of companies like TruBlue of Centennial. They will help you jump into gardening right away!

Here are eight ways gardening helps aging adults:

1: It’s a Great Hobby

Gardening is an amazing hobby that has numerous benefits. It might seem a bit mediocre at first, but once you get into it, you will start loving it. It involves physical skill as well as the application of your cognitive capabilities. Moreover, once you try your hands at gardening, you will have something to talk about in social situations. Hobbies are amazing conversation topics, and this particular hobby has so much depth that you’ll never run out of conversation matter. Apart from that, you’ll be more satisfied with yourself as you build and maintain your perfect garden. 

2: It Will Engage You

After retirement, senior citizens tend to have a lot of time on their hands. If there are no people around, one can easily get a bit lonely and fall into the deep pits of depression. It’s common knowledge that depression is common among senior citizens due to the loneliness accompanying old age. An amazing hobby such as gardening can help you take your mind off other things and engage you throughout the day. It can also greatly benefit your mental health.

3: Lowers Stress

Doing what you love lowers stress. Hobbies increase the production of serotonin and can give you a general sense of bliss. One such hobby is gardening. It is even more relaxing than other hobbies as you’re constantly surrounded by plants, and generally, nature is extremely therapeutic. Once you’re engaged in gardening, you can easily take your mind off other things. 

4: Keeps You Physically Active

One major benefit of picking up gardening as a hobby is that it will keep you physically active and fit. Lying on a chair passively in your old age can have a negative impact on your health. It is important that you keep those joints and muscles moving so that they do not rust. Aging adults who engage in physically demanding hobbies such as gardening are usually healthier than those who do not. 

5: Therapeutic

The fresh oxygen and being surrounded by life is something that every human being craves for. As mentioned before, being surrounded by plants can be very therapeutic for you. It will benefit your mental and spiritual health as you become better and better at gardening. Many therapists often recommend their patients to take up gardening. 

6: Boosts Heart Health

Gardening requires physical work, and being physically active in old age is very important. Some studies have found that regular gardening can greatly improve your heart health and reduce the chances of stroke. It’s a hobby that keeps the blood pumping. Moreover, you also get a lot of fresh air and vitamin D from the sun. 

7: Self-actualization 

Taking up gardening as a hobby and getting better at it can also improve your own perception of yourself. It can satisfy your soul to its deepest cores. It’s natural to feel good after achieving something. And having a top-notch garden that you have maintained regularly can induce that feeling. Having a hobby such as gardening can lead to self-actualization. Who knows? Maybe, gardening can turn out to be the passion that you were looking for your whole life. 

8: Keeps Your Brain Sharp

Gardening is not all just about physical work. It also requires you to use your brain and gather knowledge about specific methods and tips. Moreover, being in the fresh air can increase the supply of oxygen to your brain. All in all, it can keep your brain active and sharp.