Election 2020: How Donald Trump and Joe Biden compare on the Key Issues

Rohan Mathew

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden are two presidential candidates with differing views on a huge range of policy issues. The elections that held on November 3, 2020, offer American voters a choice between these two presidential candidates. It was an open chance for American voters to choose any one from both of them. Over the coming weeks, there were a lot of discussions emerging from f9news, on articles comparing where President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden stood on the issues related from climate change to health care and job opportunities as well.

4besnews claims that the issues related to jobs, health care and climate change is a major guide for people of America to understand that where the candidates agree and disagree and where they stand as a leader. In other words, it became much easier for people to decide which one to chose and which one to reject.

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Where Trump and Biden stand on Tech Policy?

For all the powerful and authentic technology companies, it is never a matter of importance that who wins these elections. They only want increased scrutiny in both cases. These technology companies want their mission to be full filled no matter who wins and who loses.

At one side, the Trump administration would likely to speed up and accelerate the broad-scale scrutiny of technology. It is much expected from him that he would maintain and possibly improve the regulatory scrutiny of technology companies. This effort includes the allegations of bias and anti-conservative in regard to anti-trust investigations. These online giants include Google and Face book in any way possible.

 While on the other side, Joe Biden is a Democratic nominee. He is very much critical about technology market. He openly shows his point of view in which he said that he would strictly support anti-trust. According to him, to follow the online privacy rules is the only major task one can surely do while being in power. 

-Where Trump and Biden stand on Tax Policy?

It is not alarming for anybody to say that there is a huge and vast gulf between these two presidential candidates on tax policy. There is a major reason for this and it lies in the fact that trillions of dollars are at stake over the next whole decade.

However, President Trump is continuously campaigning to contribute for his administration’s vast legislative achievement. He is helping his administration for the 2017 tax law, which already lowers down the taxes on individuals and businesses as well. While on the other hand, there is a massive increasing budget deficit in the present policy as well.

While Mr. Biden, on the other hand, proposes a huge big tax increase on well known corporations. According to him, all the wealthy people have to pay their respective taxes in any way for social programs.

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-Where Trump and Biden stand on Immigration, ICE and Border Wall?

During the changes related to Trump, the border wall construction fully bans for any sort of travel for a huge number of countries. There is also a temporarily blocked and a kind of total closure of the Southern border to Asylum finders during the time period of this disastrous pandemic.

He also produced an act to attempt an end of the differed action for Childhood Arrivals program. The wanted to end it as soon as possible and him never wanted to have any delay in it. However, Mr. Biden formulated his own policies regarding immigration as a re-assurance of Mr. Trump.

Mr. Biden promised to undo almost all of the changes that the administration has made. He wanted to have his own policy delivered at its best which may include all the aspects positively. He personally did not like the changes done by administration and for him; if he is uncomfortable with these policies then surely a common citizen will also feel uncomfortable with them.

-Where Trump and Biden stand on Workplace Safety and Job Creation?

It is already noted and confirmed in all the aspects of reality that whoever the winner of the Presidency is will face and suffer an enormous U.S labor market which will still be on the verge of recovering from this pandemic.

Both the candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden promised to create millions of favorable jobs. But, of course, their strategies and limitations differ from each other.