5 Indoor Games for Toddlers

Rohan Mathew

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Little kids and toddlers are excited to play various games at indoors and outdoors. You can take them to a park or garden with swing set so that they can play on the swing and slide. It is not possible to take your kids out everyday and sometimes the weather is just not right. During a rainy day or snowy day, you have to find some indoor games for toddlers and teach them to your kids.

Some indoor games like chess or carrom are designed for elder kids and adults. The toddlers should have some easy and funny games to play at home. Every parent should take part in toddlers’ indoor games, it will help to develop parent-child bonding. Here, we provide the best indoor games to play for toddlers that you can play at home with your little ones.

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#1. Magical Mama or Magical Papa

This is one of the easiest games to play with your little ones. As a parent, you need to get 3 plastic cups and 1 coin. Put the three cups on a table or floor, put the coin under one of the cups. Thereafter, shuffle the cups and ask your child to guess where is the coin. If your child guesses right, s/he earns 1 point. You must use non-transparent cups so that the kids cannot see through it.

#2. Touch and Feel the Box

This game is very popular during Halloween and vacation time. As humans, we all have touch sense, we can feel the things, people and others by touching them. You can develop your child’s senses with help of Touch and Fee the Box Game. This game is quite simple, it can be played by toddlers, preschoolers and elder kids.

In order to play touch & feel the box, you should have a cardboard box, scissors, blindfold and several objects that can easily fit inside the box Such objects can be a wrist watch, a bulb, a chocolate, a key-chain or anything you like. You need to make a hole on the top of the box. The whole should be large enough for your child’s hand to enter the box.

You can also decorate the box from all sides with help of white paper, tape, pen, pencil and colors. It is not mandatory to decorate the box, you can start playing after making a hole to save the time. Simply, blindfold your child and put the first thing inside the box. Ask your child to enter his/her hand inside and feel the object.

You should give 15 to 20 seconds time limit to your child for guessing the object inside the box. If the child guesses right, s/he will earn 1 point. If there are 2-3 children, the child who makes higher score will win the game.

#3. Get a Kids Trampoline

You can get an indoor trampoline for toddlers and little kids. It is hard to find a child who does not like to play on a trampoline. You should buy a kids trampoline from an online store or a local store and put it at a safe place in your home. Ask your children to jump on the trampoline as one at a time. Don’t allow more than 1 child at a time.

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The indoor trampolines are available in two types i.e. trampoline with handrail/handlebar and trampoline with safety enclosure net. Out of them, we recommend you to get a trampoline with safety net, it is much safer for the toddlers and little kids. You must supervise your kids while they are jumping on the trampoline.

#4. Pitching Pennies

This game is simple but it is useful to develop your children’s skills. In order to play pitching pennies, you need 20 to 30 pennies or small currency coins and a large plastic cup. It depends upon how many kids are there to play the game, you need to give 5 coins to each child and ask them to go away “X” steps away from the cup where “X” is the child’s age.

This game is played the best with more than two kids to participate in it. When the kids are away from the cup, ask them to throw 1 coin at once into the cup. Out of five coins, the child who will put more coins into the cup will win the game.

#5. Follow the Leader

This is one of the most funny games to play with your kids. This game requires at least 4 to 5 kids/persons to play at home. You can be the leader and the kids will be the followers. First of all, you should sit in front of each other in a free space i.e. hall or anywhere.

The game goes as the followers have to do the activity or gesture same as the leader. As a leader, you can jump on the floor saying “hurray!” and the kids will do it after you. You can make funny faces to make the kids laugh and let them do the same.

Wrapping Up:

When you cannot take your kids out for a trip, you can play the indoors games we have suggested above. In this way, you can pass the time and entertain your kids for the whole day.