Engaging Users on Your Website – 5 Amazing Ideas to Try

Rohan Mathew

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Roughly 380 websites are created every minute, so maintaining an identity and distinguishing yourself from others to eventually sustain yourself as a successful website is a mammoth of a challenge. Yet, the complexity of the situation is not reflected in its solution. Primarily you would need to attract visitors to your website and have them check it out, but what use is it if they neither stay for long nor revisit it. This predicament is what we call user engagement.User engagement plays a detrimental role in a website’s progress and successful sustainability. With it being the step that elevates your website, how do you create and increase user engagement? Here are five exciting ideas you need to try to engage your users and keep ’em coming!

Faster loading speeds

High-speed technology has given rise to a generation that expects its products to be delivered in the blink of an eye. Naturally, a slow website will repel customers and eventually go obsolete. It is observed that users tend to skip websites if the latency time goes over 5 seconds. Recent studies have shown that an increasing time delay on webpages has decreased the pageviews by a significant amount. For example, a time delay of 4 seconds decreased the pageviews by 11%, whereas a delay of 8 seconds decreased by 18%!

These statistics are a reflection of the impact of loading speeds on user engagement on a website. No matter how great your idea is or how mind-blowing the website looks, if it cannot cater to the customer’s attention span, then it may as well not exist.

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Surveys and Quiz forms

Surveys, questionnaires, and polls are a great way to absorb your users. These methods help make the website more interactive and entertaining for the customers, consequently increasing the amount of time they spend on your website.

One such way of creating participatory quiz forms is through an online quiz creator. For example, AidaForm is a great online platform that lets you create online quizzes with ease and comfort. The website provides fixed quiz templates based on the type or nature of the examination and makes it more interactive through media files and quiz results.

These online quiz creators and survey forms serve two incredibly essential purposes. As mentioned, one is to attract customers and give them a reason to stay on your website, and the other is to collect that all-important user data and analyze it. This data is the key to understanding user interaction, factors impeding customer satisfaction, and identifying weak spots in your website.=


A sure-fire way to attract customers and make sure they visit your website frequently is through blogs and blogs that provide useful content. Blogs help create a personal bond with its readers and germinate a sense of excitement for the next post. This feeling is what increases traffic to a website while also keeping it constant.

A blogs’ content must feel useful and contribute to the reader. For instance, a blog that talks about the website, its backstory, and the Products it provides would only go so far as to inform its readers about them but does not give them something that they think is valuable. On the other hand, a blog with tutorials, how-to’s, and tips and tricks generate an experience that keeps both parties satisfied and makes the user feel like they’ve gained something of value out of it.

Free trials

It’s a universally known fact that people are more inclined to use a product or service that is free. Providing your visitors with freebies or free trials of your products and services is the perfect way to promote your paid products/services and increase your mailing list.

A product would sell itself if the customer can explore it for themselves and decide whether it suits their needs and making it easier to convert them into paid customers.

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Increasing Mailing List

None of those mentioned above methods will work if the users never return to your website. What is the best way of subtly reminding your customer of your website’s presence and the excellent services you provide? A mailing list is your answer. A mailing list is a distinctive way of maintaining two-way communication with visitors and eventually transitioning them to a customer. The more people on your mailing list, the bigger the community your website would possess.

A mailing list is a one-stop station to promote new products, contact your customer and vice versa, announce an update or sale and remind them to visit your website. As I’ve mentioned earlier, a mailing list can be created through blog posts, free trial subscriptions, surveys, and quiz forms, but what do you do when a visitor refuses to use any of the presented methods?

A pop-up window is an answer. Though a pop-up window can interrupt the user experience and annoy visitors, they have been known to increase user engagement by a stellar amount. For example, Aweber’s study has shown that the use of lightbox pop-ups has directly increased the mailing list by 1,375%! As said earlier, pop-ups are an