Enjoying a bouquet longer? Tips for keeping your flowers fresh

Albert Howard

Enjoying a bouquet longer? Tips for keeping your flowers fresh


To remove bacteria, among other things, it is important to cut flower stems at an angle before putting them in the vase. Use sharp tools for this, preferably a knife and possibly good pruning shears. If your equipment is not sharp, you will pinch off capillaries and the flower will not be able to absorb the water properly. 

Make sure no leaves get into the water, as they will rot. Flowers cannot stand polluted water. It is not necessarily necessary to remove thorns from roses. This actually gives “wounds” in which bacteria can reside. Flowers finished blooming? Remove them, then you will enjoy the still beautiful flowers longer.


 Use a vase in which flower stems have room and make sure the vase is clean. Glass vases are generally easy to clean (dishwasher or wash with chlorine). Moreover, you can easily see if the bouquet still has enough water. It is better not to use crystal or metal vases, because the water gets contaminated (faster). Tip: put vases upside down in the cupboard, then they will stay clean.


Remove flowers that have finished blooming from the bouquet. These are almost dead anyway and are therefore best removed from the bouquet. A blooming flower bouquet can contaminate the water and bacteria can then have a free hand and affect the other flowers more quickly.


 Over the years, nutrition for flowers and plants has improved tremendously. This really makes the flowers last longer. Bloompost supplies cut flower food with every bouquet. Use this too. You will see that it is really good for the flowers. They stay beautiful longer but also the flowers will bloom better. Make sure it is not too little water that you use in combination with the flower food.

Getting used to

Large changes in temperature can be a shock to your bouquet. Is it very cold outside and nice and warm at home? First put the flowers in a room where it is less warm and then put them in their final place.


In terms of temperature it is not wise to put the flowers too close to a burning heater or fireplace. Also in the sun or in a draft the flowers will droop their heads much faster than intended. So pay attention to this when determining a suitable place and choose a spot without too big temperature changes and where it is not continuously very warm.

Strong flowers

Several cut flowers are known to be very strong and thus stand extra long. For example, alstroemeria, chrysanthemum, rose, gerbera, valentine roses, carnation, orchid and lisianthus. If you choose a bouquet with many of these flowers, success is thus already almost guaranteed. Bulb flowers like the tulip and daffodil or the peony, on the other hand, often do not last as long, but you can extend their shelf life by placing them in a cool room.