Erectile Dysfunction and L-Arginine – How Can It Help?

Rohan Mathew

Is being unable to perform during intercourse taking a toll on you? Has your relationship started to fall due to your inability to perform? Worry not! Erectile dysfunction has been a very common issue with men mainly due to physical stress and tiredness.

Men do face the inability to erect from time to time for obvious reasons. But if your Inability has prolonged and has become a problem for you and your partner. Then you need to look into treatment options.

Biology of erection

During the sexual act, when a man feels aroused, the spongy muscular portion of the penis releases hormones that increase the chemical activation of nerves and increased blood flow in the penis. The blood flows into the two erection chambers of the penis, where it is trapped, and that holds the muscles to be firm enough for sex and orgasm. There is a device that’s beneficial for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, as it applies pressure and allows for more blood flow. Feel free to check out phallosan forte results if you are seeking help with your male genitalia issues.

Erection is important for release, also maintaining an erection for a period of time that helps release a normal amount of sperm.

L-arginine and ED evidence

Over a few decades, L-arginine has become a very important medicine in treating many diseases but especially erectile dysfunction. Many journals have published research and evidence that proves that ED is cured by L-arginine, such as the NCBI that published “Meta-analysis and systematic review on L-arginine and treatment of ED.” The conclusion was that for the age of 25- 45, L-arginine had shown cure ranging from mild to moderate depending on the underlying disease.

Diseases that can cause ED

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by nerve damage near the erection region or damage to the blood vessels. Apart from that, there are certain diseases that can cause erectile function, and erectile dysfunction can work as an indicator for underlying diseases.

Underlying diseases that might cause erectile dysfunction;

  1.     Heart diseases
  2.     Atherosclerosis
  3.     High Cholesterol
  4.     Diabetes
  5.     Hypertension
  6.     Obesity
  7.     Parkinson’s disease
  8.     Metabolic syndrome

Use of L-arginine

L-arginine has been known to treat many diseases. Many people have opted to try L-arginine for other than ED;

  1.     Angina, chest pain

It does not widen or narrow the blood vessels but instead improves exercise tolerance and improves the quality of life.

  1.     Hypertension

It has been seen to help people with high blood pressure and making them have a better life.

  1.     Necrotizing enterocolitis

It aids in preventing inflammation in infants, helping the digestive tract remain irritated and uninflamed.

  1.     Peripheral arterial disease

It has proven to increase blood flow in such patients in about 8 weeks of oral or I/V intake.

  1.     Pre-eclampsia

It is a safer and proven way to help lower blood pressure in pregnant women.

L-arginine uses for erectile dysfunction

This naturally occurring compound, biologists know it as the building block of proteins. This compound increases nitrous oxide in the blood by making the nitrous oxide bind to muscles of the penis and has a firm and longer erection.

It does not increase size, but due to increased and sustained blood flow to the erection chambers, the erection is longer and firmer. It has been known to bring a better change in about 3 months of regular intake of almost 5mg orally.

L-arginine availability

L- arginines are available online and on the market. You can find it both in tablet form and also in cream/ointment form with different dosages. Contact a doctor before you order.


L-arginine is a naturally occurring compound important for every human, but due to our diet, we do not fulfill the body’s nutrient requirement; hence we must fulfill that in the form of tablets or creams. For men, it is highly recommended.