Erectile Dysfunction – How does it affect Your Married Life?

Rohan Mathew

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Erectile dysfunction can be devastating for your married life. The problem can be worse, if the problem occurs within first few years of the marriage. It will be difficult to manage the issue in initial years of marriage.

Erectile dysfunction in the married years means that husband is not able to perform the duties of a husband. It can lead to frustration for both the partners. The key is acknowledging the issue, and keeping the communication open to prevent any misunderstanding. It is right that you can use erectile dysfunction medicines like Viagra 100mg to boost the erection. But diagnosing the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction and finding a solution for the permanent cure.

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Communicate with the partner 

In majority of cases, the partner will come to know the sexual weakness in the man. But you should communicate with her and mention your problem. It will also help you to take her support and manage the problem effectively. It will also show her that there is nothing wrong and suspicious in the relationship. Again, it is wise to say that there is nothing wrong in using erectile dysfunction drugs like Levitra 40 mg to maintain the sexual relations in marriage. But you cannot rely on medicines in the younger years to perform sexually. You need to understand the basic causes of erectile dysfunction to cure the problem permanently.

Maintain intimacy with the partner 

In younger years, it is possible to get back normal erection. Unless you are suffering from some chronic medical condition, you can recover from erectile dysfunction. It will only complicate the issue if you are neglecting your wife. Even without erection, you can maintain the intimacy with her. Kissing, cuddling, or just spending time with her will actually help you. You need more and more sexual stimulation. Whether this stimulation gets an erection is not necessary. But with more and more physical contact, the desire element will remain alive.

The strong desire to maintain sexual intercourse will be converted into a strong erection. There should be no gap in intimacy. It is possible that with relaxation and her support you get a hard erection with OR without using Cenforce 100mg medicines.

Go together for exercises 

If you are obese and have a lot of unnecessary weight around the waist, you need to go yoga. Create joint sessions for yoga, exercises and meditation. Regular exercises improve cardiovascular health, muscles strength and overall fitness of the body. The physical exercises also have a calming effect on mind. A relaxed body and mind will yield to sexual stimulation. 

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Get the professional help in treatment of erectile dysfunction 

Find understand the causes behind the erectile issue. Then take the necessary steps to treat them. If obesity, lifestyle issues, stress and anxiety are the causes behind the erection issue, you need to take the steps to cut the risks. Watch your diet; incorporate some exercises into daily routine, lost weight to get into shape. All these steps really help if obesity or physical causes are your enemy.

Get the help of counseling sessions 

First let a medical expert check your medical status and conduct all necessary tests. The negative report in medical tests will be a big relief. The negative report in blood tests, urine tests and tests of other vital organs shows that your problem is just emotional in nature. It is just possible to get out of physiological aspect of the problem with a couple of counseling sessions. 

The sessions will change your behavior and attitude towards the issue that disturb you. You will feel less affected by bad experiences. The sessions can be single or with the partner. You partner will understand your inner thoughts and views. It helps her to support you and be in tune with your thoughts. 

You can use erectile dysfunction medicines like Cialis 40 mg or any other medicine. The use of medicines will help you to avoid embarrassing moment of soft or dying erection. But stick with other steps to get the permanent results.