Essential Kitchen appliances and their uses

Rohan Mathew

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If you have ever tried to collect kitchen essentials then you might have realised that stocking those is quite difficult. Technology is getting smarter day by day and thus picking the essential appliances is quite tricky.

Cooking is a lot more than just a mundane household activity to feed guts. Cooking is an art now and thus for an artist the appliances serve as the art essentials. Kitchen is now a storehouse of beauty and luxury as well. Hence, you need to plan carefully before investing your savings into the kitchen appliances.

Smart Toaster

Yes, they do exist in reality. If you are keen on maintaining the right diet, then you will surely want to add toaster to your list of kitchen appliances. This is essential given the fact that toaster will churn out hard toasted breads for your breakfast while you rush to your college, school or office. Pick the one which toasts different types of bread and should be energy efficient. It should have detachable crump tray to ensure easy cleaning and the wide slots should be able to fit in different types and slices of bread. You can also use it for toasting bagels, toaster pastries, muffins, waffles and more. 

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Dish washer

Tried to do the dishes after a long day at work? No worries, get a dish washer for your kitchen. For those who spend hours outside, dish washer is definitely an essential appliance. Make sure you get the one with adjustable racks to hold vessels of different sizes. Also, try getting the one which has food disposer, self-cleaning and electricity and water saving functionality. 

Sandwich Maker

Have love for yummy cheesy sandwiches, but lack time? Go for efficient sandwich maker to toast sandwiches in no time. You can put your favourite and healthy whole wheat bread stuffed with butter, cheese and minced chicken in an easy manner in the sandwich maker and get ready for office. This is also an essential appliance for making quick and easy breakfast like waffles, pancakes, omelettes and egg fries. However, before buying the one check out the size of your counter top to ensure it doesn’t misfit.  

Rice cooker

Even though the name says rice cooker, it has several functionalities of cooking pasta and quinoa, boiling veggies, steaming rice, lentils and pulses, etc. So, opt for a multitasking one to have a win-win situation. Also, make sure you get a one which is durable to last for at least a decade.

Water purifier

Yes, it is an essential kitchen appliance even though it is not directly related to cooking. Purified water is important for your health when taken directly or used while cooking. It comes in different shapes and price ranges. So, choose the one which requires low maintenance and provides a good after-sales service.

Microwave oven with OTG

Its been out there in the market for years now and is primarily used for heating and reheating. Buy a one with automatic timer. The one with OTG is relatively pricy, but serves a host of purposes starting from baking cake to grilling fish, meat and veggies. You can even use it for simple heating of water, rice or cooked food. More so, this appliance can be used for making quick snacks pasta, noodles, fried rice, pancake, fried eggs, etc. and a range of full course meal.

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Hand held blender

You can call it a whisker as well. It is of immense use when it comes to whisking. Especially if you are baker, this kitchen appliance is a must. Make sure it requires low maintenance and is easy to clean. Use it to whisk eggs, creams, mayo, butter or any Indian items like Dosa or Idli.

Smart Air fryer

These will offer you with multiple cooking modes and can be paired with an app to cook a lot of recipes. Any fried food you think of can be done using this. So, time to say no to those oily fried food and treat your taste buds with the same munchies using air fryer. To cite a few examples, you can make French fries, grilled chicken and veggies, fried bacons, mozzarella cheese, grilled cheese, pork chops, chocolate chip cookies and what not. Already drooling over the items? Then, get one for your kitchen.

Coffee Maker

This is an essential addition to the ensemble of kitchen appliances if you specifically have love for strong coffee. If you are working from home having back to back meetings and calls and sunk into work load, surely get a coffee maker for you. It should have convenient cleaning features to lessen your hassles. If you like the aroma and taste of filter coffee, then you can also get the one which grinds coffee beans as well.

Blender and juice

Go for a two-in-one functionality of mixer cum blender with a juicer. It should have sturdy blades to churn juices and shakes as well as make smooth batters. The blender should be able to breakdown fruits, grains and vegetables and can make your job a lot easier especially if you need grinded spices for your recipes.

Food processor

This is an electronic device that helps you with an array of functionalities like chopping, grinding, mincing, shredding, grating, cutting, etc. The multiple blades available with it helps you to do a range of functions and doesn’t require the usage of water to process food. There are a lot of materials available like plastic, metal, porcelain, etc. Choose the one that suits your purpose with versatile blades and a wide tube.  

Electric kettle

While you are amidst tons of work, this electrical appliance can help you with heating water and milk. So, if you need to serve cups of tea or coffee, don’t worry. An electric kettle will be the best bet for you.

These are some essential appliances you should have in your kitchen. Choose the ones offered by tried and tested brands and check for product reviews before getting the one. Also, make sure you get proper warranty as well as after sales service to have the right deal.