A proper guideline for late and unpaid wage issue in California

Rohan Mathew

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Employers have a licit responsibility to pay the salary or wages that their employees deserve. They must have to fulfill the payments on time. But sometimes, the employers pay the fees lately even the employees don’t get their salary correctly. In this type of situation, an employee can file a claim against the employers. For filling any claim or allegation, the lawyers can help them. A lawyer who deals with unpaid wage issues is an Unpaid Wage Lawyer.

Like the USA’s other states, California is genuinely aware of the legal rights of the employees. If any employee face problems like unpaid wage, he or she can file allegation against the employers.

California’s Common Unpaid Wage Complaints:

The law of California defines a wage or salary as payment for Labor performed by an employee. According to this state law, hourly pay, piece-rate payment, commissions, an amount that varies by task or project, and a fixed salary is wage. The most common unpaid wage issues Of California is given below.

Contract Wage issue

When an employee receives a job at a promised wage, the employer and the employee may agree.  Usually, the agreement of salaries and work hours mentioned in the formal written contract.

An unwritten agreement is also enough to create an obligation to pay the earned wages. If the employer doesn’t want to provide the promised payment, the employee can file a claim with the Labor Commissioner’s office.

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Unpaid Overtime and Wage claim  

The labor code of California gives the employees the right to earn wages like overtime wages or a minimum wage. It ensures the proper payment of every overtime works.

When the employees got deprived of the timely overtime wages, the employees should inform employers. If the delay wasn’t intentional, they could claim extra costs because of the suspension of payment. If it was done intentionally, the employees could claim for the compensation.

Minimum Wage allegation

The labor law of California ensures that an employer must have to pay a minimum wage to the employees.

If any employee is getting paid less than the minimum wage, they should contact the Labor’s wage-hour department and make an allegation.

The promising bonus issue.  

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, the employees can’t claim bonuses if the issue adequately mentions in their contracts.

If the bonuses stated in workers’ agreement, they could claim for the promising bonuses. When this kind of problem comes up, first they should inform the employers. If they can’t solve the issue, then the workers should speak to the unpaid wage lawyer. The lawyer can provide them a proper guideline.

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Employer’s Check Bounced Allegation.

The federal labor law requires employers to have adequate funds to fulfill the payroll check. It ensures the surety of covering payroll checks.

If any worker’s wage check bounces, then he or she should inform the employer to confirm it was a real mistake or not. An employee can file compliant if the employee willingly create Check bounced problem.

The process of filing a Claim:

If any employee of California ever faces any issue mentioned above, he or she can file an allegation against the employers. To file a claim, employees should collect some necessary information like the name of the company, mailing labels, or product labels.

After gathering information, they should download a claim form and complete the form with proper details. Finally, they have to attach the exigent documents and mail to the Labor Commissioner’s Office. The allegation file can be deputized through emails or in person. In this process, an employee can make an allegation against the employer.