Essential Tools to Boost Your Mind, Productivity, and Time Management for Distance Learning

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Essential Tools to Boost Your Mind, Productivity, and Time Management for Distance Learning

Back before this new normal encapsulated our everyday activities, students could roam around the classroom with only a pen and paper. Nowadays, if you are not armed with your technology or gadgets, great attention span, and a boatload of caffeine, you may have a hard time adapting to this new normal distance learning.

There are specific tools and pretty essential supplies for every type and level of education. In this rampant or somehow new way of teaching method, which is the virtual modulated distance learning, you need to adapt fast and work your way through these important items that will help cultivate your wisdom and time management skills, and at the same time productivity. 

In this list, you are presented with valuable wisdom, tools, and software that will make most of your online escapades and exploits. So, turn on your high-speed internet connection, update your computer’s RAM, clear up your camera, wipe all the dust in your keyboard, and strap on to your comfy chair because it will become a life-changing adventure of your lifetime.

File Converter and Basic Softwares

Converters are very crucial for files and documents to have standard formatting that is accessible to everyone. That is why file converters are more essential now more than ever. Online tools like PDFBear offer tons and tons of functions as it could convert PDF to word, pdf files to Excel, PDF to PowerPoint, and vice versa. It could convert jpg to pdf and merge, split, compress, unlock, and protect pdf files. With PDFBear, you do not have to worry about the nightmare of conversion.

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Other necessary software that is essential for school work and that every student should have included security applications, Microsoft Office 365, and updated web browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Through all these software and tools, your mind will be at peace and, and lighten your load as you go through online education.

Note-Taking to the Highest Level

There is no debate as to why the power of note-taking is a force to be reckoned not just in the field of education or business but also in our everyday life—well, more importantly, in education. When it comes to note-taking, there are almost similar, yet utterly distinct areas that you have to consider to make your note-taking method powerful. 

When you want to make your effort more productive and efficient note-taking applications like Dragon Dictation, a software that could dictate your notes to your computer, applications like DragonAnywhere mobile app are a fantastic fit for those who are not accustomed to typing. A smart notebook in the name of Rocketbook allows its users to write handwritten notes and upload them. In that way, you can access it online and share them.

To keep your notes organized, apps like Evernote enable you to take down notes on one gadget and access them on different devices. Working similarly to Evernote, this Microsoft Office App, OneNote could also let you take notes on one device and access it to another one. These applications are available to use across a variety of devices.

Mind Relaxation and Unwinding Your Head

Technology is not always the reason why you are distracted and mostly succumb to the tempting notion of procrastination. Sometimes, technology will help you relax and clear your head. Technology offers tools that are designed to alleviate the time wasted and enhance your focus.

An application called myNoise or Noisli helps its users block aural distractions by acting as white noise and enabling you to focus on your thoughts. There is also Insight Timer that offers a guided meditation that will help ease the burden in your mind and unscramble the twisted thoughts, and this is for free. On the other hand, the Chegg Study gives you study tools essential to students, including a community composed of experts in different subject areas.

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Project Management Tools

Managing things in your life is when you do that with your head or by the calendar, there is a slight misstep that might happen that could potentially hinder your accomplishment. Thus, the availability of new applications and technology allows you to put on your project manager hat and take advantage of the tools to help you organize your life and studies that will leave tons of time to be utilized in other areas.

If you are a student that has a schedule that is wreaking havoc in your life, then this app, myHomework, will help you to keep organized. Throw away those student planners and bask yourself in this tool that is solely devoted to assisting students in organizing. Another helpful app is Todoist. This app allows you to have a clear view of your tasks and deadlines at hand. With Todoist, users can manage to do multiple tasks may it be personal life, school, or work agenda, by assigning a task to its matching project.

Ideas, Inspiration, and Mind Stimulating Apps and Platforms

It is crucial to be constantly inspired and continuously learn in order to improve and augment your insights, perception, and understanding. Thus, a platform like Behance is an amazing way to stimulate and cultivate creativity and draw inspiration by browsing through the lovely things that the community has to offer. 

Another app is the Exam Vocabulary Builder. If you want to widen and strengthen your vocabulary, this application words stick in your mind, thus expanding your repertoire of words and flourishing through quizzes, games, and wonderful functions like audio presentation.


The power of technology is growing, and it is evolving from day to day. Through this evolution, we can learn and enrich ourselves with knowledge and wisdom where we are in the world. These advancements allow us to build a learning environment in the comfort of your own home. With the right tools, equipment, and supplies, you will be unstoppable, enabling you to be ready to conquer the world.

With online learning a viable option to continuously learn, it is more important than ever to possess these tools, applications, and software to make your quest towards a deeper understanding and learning more fruitful. Because learning never stops and what could be more epic than having tons of learning resources and informational materials at the palm of your hands.