Everything To Know About Being Accused Of Cheating In College: United States

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Everything To Know About Being Accused Of Cheating In College United States

Maintaining an excellent educational record is vital for any student. Moreover, maintaining the moral character and having a clean slate has become essential criteria to get into and stay in reputed institutions. 

Therefore, if you get accused of cheating in college, consulting an academic misconduct lawyer is the first thing you should do. This will not only teach you about your rights as a student but can also predict the type of questions the authorities may ask you. 

What is considered cheating?

Often, students work in groups or take the help of their parents or private tutors to complete their assignments. This can sometimes be seen as cheating by some institutions because the student did not do the entire homework independently. 

Implementing someone else’s ideas as your own is the most common form of cheating. Other than that, using unauthorized materials such as a mobile phone, Bluetooth device, or sometimes a calculator during an exam is considered cheating. 

In scenarios like these, the student is very likely to be suspended or, in extreme cases, expelled.

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Can I defend myself if I’m wrongly accused? 

Yes! If you think you have not committed anything wrong and are being falsely accused, you certainly hold all the right to defend yourself with the help of an attorney. In cases like this, it’s crucial to know your rights. Therefore, hiring an education attorney is the most crucial step.

Many colleges maintain a committee that makes sure the moral conduct of the students is in place. This is called the discipline committee. When such cases occur, this committee holds a meeting, more commonly known as a disciplinary hearing. 

This meeting can consist of various teachers, members of the faculty, and even some students. Some colleges may not allow attorneys to be present during this meeting. If your school is one of them, consult your attorney correctly before attending the meeting. This way, you can avoid making any statements that may be used against you. 

Additionally, if your school allows an outsider to present you in the hearing, your attorney can speak on behalf of you, and your chances of being proven innocent increase, as they are a professional in this field. 

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Important measures to take

As soon as you are accused, take the following steps. These can significantly improve your chances of getting proven innocent. 

  • Collect all the possible evidence of your innocence as you can.
  • Hire a reasonable attorney and consult with him/her before making statements and taking any action.
  • Know your rights. 
  • Get in touch with Lento Law Firm who is operating throughout the United States.