Everything You Need To Know About Custom Katana

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Many people who love to include historical pieces in the décor of their home must know about the katana—a fine weapon used by samurai people in feudal Japan. Many Katana enthusiasts prefer going for customized katana rather than pre-forged katana for the interior of their house. Customization of the katana consists of various steps. There are quite a few options available from where you can get yourself custom katana. Below you can find everything you want to know about the customization of the katana, from selecting a blade to the enhancement of the katana. This article has got you covered. 

Step 1: Pick the blade 

There is a wide range of options available for the blade consisting of different variations, properties, and materials of the katana. You can pick from any desired material for the blade, such as Calgary custom katana. For the hamon, there are options available such as choji hamon, round hamon, and straight hamon. When selecting the katana blade for the katana, it is best to pick a size. Many vendors offer a standard size of 72cm of the blade with 27cm of the handle. If you wish to change the size, it is best to request it before ordering the katana. You may have to pay a few extra bucks for customized size, and it  take  longer to arrive. 

Step 2: Katana Protector (Tsuba) 

Katana gurard is called Tsuba. It protects the hand from cutting a cut of the weapon holder from the blade. There as many varieties available at different prices from which you can pick. Tsuba is made of copper; by paying an additional amount, you can easily enhance the aesthetics of your customized samurai katana. 

Step 3: Aesthetic Enhancements 

In order to make your custom katana more appealing, you can choose from the following enhancements: sword engraving, carbon electroplating, Hadori Polish, and Blood Groove. These enhancements will instantly upgrade the beauty of your samurai katana. You have to pay a small price, but you can get an excellent custom katana if you look wisely on a limited budget. 

  • Sharpness 

People often don’t get their katana sharpened for decorative purposes, but if you wish, you can select a sharpened or non-sharpened blade as per your requirement. 

  • Sword Engraving

You can get your katana engraved in English, Japanese & Chinese language. Tell your swordsman exact variables you wish to be engraved on the katana. 

  • Hadori Polish on Blade 

You can also increase the beauty of your katana through Hadori Polish, i.e., enhanced hamon. Again, your vendor might ask for an extra amount if you go for this option. 

Step 4: Accessories of Katana

Katana is undoubtedly incomplete without its proper accessories to complement it. Accessories of katana include a wide variety of display stands, sword boxes, and bags. You can pick either a black box or a gold box for the katana box. You can also go without a box. If you wish to display the katana on a stand, then it is best to get it right away. Select from two tiers stands or three tiers stands for your convenience. A Sword bag is a fantastic option if you want to carry around your katana with you (check before carrying it in your country) or if you wish to gift katana to a sword lover. 


There are many options available for custom katana in the market and online. The estimated amount for standard custom-made katana would be around 120 USD – 250 USD. 

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