Everything You Need to Know About Digital Education

Rohan Mathew

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Even though schools are slowly letting students back in, there are still plenty of kids attending class at home.

Students across the country have been given free wi-fi and laptops, just in case they get sick or the school has to shut down, and teachers worldwide are constantly adapting their lessons for the new brand of digital education.

This all appears to be the norm moving forward, so how can you take advantage of it as a teacher or a parent?

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Planning Out Your Education Goals

For both teachers and parents, you first of all need to establish your education goals. With students working at school and at home, teachers can’t use the same lesson plans as they might every other year.

There needs to be a focus on what academic goals you can actually accomplish. These include improving math and literacy, increasing graduation rates, and preparing students for college.

The last thing we need is the graduating high school classes falling behind the rest of the world.

Clear communication between the schools and the parents must be maintained for everyone’s benefit.

Learning the Tools

One of the most difficult parts of this transition to remote learning for teachers has been learning to use the many online tools. However, it is also a great opportunity for everyone to discover just how helpful those tools can be.

Google Classroom, for one, allows teachers to not just post assignments and quizzes but also works with hundreds of educational apps.

There are options ranging from coding and computer science to creativity tools.

Digital Education at Your Own Pace

Another advantage of digital education is the option to take on your educational goals at your own pace.

Some classes are live-streamed to give the feeling of a normal classroom environment taught by a teacher. Other teachers post lectures as streamable clips that can be watched at any time.

Online Safety

Learning remotely comes with its own set of risks, especially when they are forced to take more responsibility for their online identity.

The most obvious is avoiding going on dangerous websites when using a school-issued computer. Students also need to safely manage their passwords and private information on public forums.

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Shortage of Chromebooks

Pretty much every student is getting their own personally issued Chromebook, regardless of whether they have a computer at home. As expected, that has resulted in a shortage of laptops.

Some companies have started issuing their own brand of computers to schools, such as the SmartBook, which claim to be built specifically for school use.

Maximizing At-Home Learning

As you can see, there are many advantages to digital education and remote learning, as well as some challenges. However, the more educated everyone becomes, the easier it will be moving forward.

Technology is the future, after all, and knowledge is power. If you want to know more about similar topics such as tech and business, check out our other articles.