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Dubai, one of the most famous places in the world for travelling and having tours. Travelling and going on the tours are so much pleasurable and great for stress relieving. Sitting at home and going through the social can only make us more stressed.

So, when the words like travelling and going on tours comes in front of us, they make us remember some places. Dubai is one of those great places where people go to travel or have some tours. So, you took your flight and reached Dubai now for the next step let us guide you through.

Here are some great experiences to do there.

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Dhow cruises are one of the most famous cruises in Dubai because of being customizable. These cruises provide great services whether you do a big party or a small gathering. Even just a simple dinner gives the best and memorable moments. 

At first, you will get greeted in Dhow Cruise Dubai with fresh dates, coffee and some light snacks. Secondly, the big variety of cocktails and all the other beverages are great as well. The highlight *KAHWA* (A Traditional Arabic Drink) gives the unforgettable taste.

 The delicious and mouth-watering deserts with all the other food are significantly appetizing. Dhow cruises have won awards for their great services and good customization. Once in all Dhow Cruise Dinners Dubai are one of the best things to do in Dubai.


Dubai Marina even it sounds so exciting Dubai Marina Yacht Tour is another best experience. You get the opportunity to experience another whole different side of Dubai by doing this. Explore the great city from a beautiful and luxurious yacht.

You get to cruise around the city and spend the best time of your life there. You´ll see the best views of famous buildings and landmarks of Dubai. It is a luxurious experience without any high prices.

You can enjoy the great meals and soft drinks of Dubai while chilling on yacht having great and pleasurable moments. The crew always make sure to give the best services of them. A lot of people recommend it themselves because of their incredible experience throughout the whole tour.


Desert safari is the most glorious thing in Dubai going there and not doing  desert safari is like going to your favorite singer´s concert and not being able to attend it. It is actually a most exciting thrill in Dubai it gives you one of the best evenings of your life.   

Dubai desert safari is a dune bashing experience in greatest deserts of Dubai. After that some light refreshments and sunset scenes take place and then comes the desert camping. Afterwards you get the opportunity of having a ride on ship of desert (Camels).

There are a lot of leisure activities to do in desert safari like sand boarding, henna painting, belly dancing, Tanoura (Traditional Arabic Dance) shows, Zumba dance, wearing traditional Arabic costumes, sunset shoots and much more things. Dubai Desert Safari is a must to do activity in Dubai.


Dubai is an ever-evolving city It has been developing through the time you get to discover the landmarks of Dubai either old or new. You can visit Dubai marina, The Burj-Al Arab, The Famous and Largest Building in the world Burj Khalifa.

Also, get a chance to see historical Dubai by getting to Al-Bastakiya, Dubai Museum. Plus, the Gold and spices souks you can get *Abra* the water taxi ride on Dubai creek and many more great places in Dubai.

Dubai city tour is an all over the amazing and thrilling experience to do in Dubai. You will have thousands of places to do photo shoots at and have meals. The tours like this can help you make millions of great memories.

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Dubai Mall is the biggest mall in Dubai also the world´s largest destination for shopping. Which is located next to Burj Khalifa tallest building in the world. You can find the finest gold jewelry there also the great range of dresses and shoes and all the other things you´d like to buy.

 This Shopping Mall is a best entertainment destination. It has big Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo, Olympic-sized Dubai ice rink and a massive indoor cinema complex. Do not miss the indoor fountain (used as best photography places).

Dining at Le Gourmet would be the best option for food in the mall. It has 11 great international kitchens serving the best food of all over the world. Along with the specialties of Italy, India, Morocco and Japan So, all in all Dubai Mall is a great place to visit.