Exude Queenly Vibes with a Royal Gold Choker Necklace

Rohan Mathew

Exude Queenly Vibes with a Royal Gold Choker Necklace

Necklaces are one of the most stately and elegant pieces. But one style that very clearly stands out is that of choker necklaces. A gold choker necklace sits snug against your neck and is ideal for enhancing any Indian attire for any occasion. So, with this guide on choosing the perfect gold choker necklace for yourself, you can easily bring that touch of glamour to any outfit without going overboard! However, do remember to look out for these things before buying your gold choker necklace.

  1. The style of the choker necklace

Choker necklaces come in multiple styles, and you need to choose them based on the style you want. Specifically, chokers can come in styles that comprise just the lower level of the necklace without an extended piece going up the neck snugly. On the contrary, you may prefer one where the necklace is longer and goes up the neck for a very grand and stately look. Whichever style you choose, make sure you have explored different options and have bought the perfect piece for yourself.

  1. Gold options depending on your budget

Buying any piece of gold or diamond jewellery will depend on your budget. So,you can choose between 14K, 18K, or 22K pieces accordingly. If you expect to wear it frequently and want one that lasts longer, then 14K or 18K are more suitable. However, if you are buying it like an investment piece or want to spend lavishly, then 22K is the grandest option you can opt for.

  1. Your outfit and how the necklace will look on you

It is best to match your jewellery to your outfit, and a gold choker necklace is no exception! Furthermore, the necklace also needs to match your appearance to an extent as well. This means that you need to choose the style carefully. In different parts of India, different alloys are used to mix gold, some using a golden-coloured brass alloy while some places mixing with the reddish-tinged copper-based alloys. Furthermore, a gold choker necklace that goes up the neck and sits snugly suits women with slender and long necks. So, if you have a shorter neck, it is best to go for a choker necklace that sits on top of your collarbones.

  1. Stone embellishments and pearl attachments

You can also choose to get a gold choker necklace that comes with stones embellishments and bead attachments. Stones, such as in Kundan work, polki, or diamonds, can enhance the look while making it look more traditional. The same is with pearls and other bead attachments. However, keep in mind that these will not suit all outfits and clothing equally. So, contemplate carefully before making any purchase.

In this way, a gold choker necklace can be versatile enough to suit all outfits or be specific to suit only a selected design. So, before taking the plunge into buying such expensive pieces, do your research and only buy the one that meets all criteria perfectly.