Factors to Consider When Choosing Order 43 Medical Providers in NSW

Rohan Mathew


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Order 43 is an occupational examination that all New South Wales coal miners have to undergo. It’s a part of the NSW Coal Mining Health and Safety Scheme administered by Coal Services. Replacing Order 41 in July 2018, this legislation protects the mining workforce’s health and safety by providing compulsory health assessment and education periodically.

With this Order, every coal mine worker has a pre-placement medical, with some of them entitled to a periodic medical examination every three years. It stipulates a three-year-interval chest x-ray for all underground coal miners and open-cut workers. Besides this, the Order specified minimum qualifications for health professionals allowed to conduct medical assessments.

In pre-placement medical examinations, only an approved medical practitioner has the go-ahead to conduct the assessment. In contrast, an approved medical doctor or a registered nurse gets the clearance to complete examinations in the case of periodic evaluations.

As a coal miner, it’s essential to book an appointment with one of the approved Order 43 medical providers NSW before you can practice. Finding them can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t know what factors to consider. Whether it’s an occupational physician Perth you’re looking for or an expert in drug and alcohol testing in Brisbane, there are some things you need to note. We’ll be examining four of them below.

  1. They Must Be Registered

All medical professionals, i.e., doctors and nurses that will perform medical assessments and examinations as far as Order 43 is concerned must be duly registered. The doctors must have an appropriate practising license from the Medical Board of Australia. Simultaneously, the nurses have to possess certification documents endorsed by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

To avoid misunderstandings, you can ask for these medical providers’ documentation to confirm their claim or corroborate from the issuing bodies mentioned earlier.

  1. Confirm Their Capacity

Capacity is an essential factor when choosing Order 43 medical providers in NSW. Different health centres have varying capabilities to handle medical examinations for miners. It’s a no-brainer that a small clinic may not be able to adequately serve big-time mining companies unless they divide miners into batches and schedule different times for them.

When looking for Order 43 medical providers, look for ones that can take the number you’re bringing.

  1. Medical Providers Must Have Passed Required Programs and Courses

This factor is a highly significant one if you’re considering choosing Order 43 medical providers for your mining company. The doctors and nurses you’re selecting must have passed several mandatory courses and programs to partake in Order 43 procedures.

Speaking about doctors, they must have finished the New South Wales Coal Industry Medical Induction Program, including a spirometry interpretation course. In the absence of this, the doctors must have provided an Annual Calibration Statement to the Coal Services.

Nurses, on the other hand, must have completed at least spirometry and audiometry courses. In the absence of these, they’re allowed to practice Order 43 medical assessments if they’ve gotten accreditation from their institution.

  1. Compare and Contrast the Terms of the Providers

While Order 43 medical procedures come highly regulated and supervised, providers usually have their terms and requirements, under which contracts and agreements get signed. These terms and conditions typically disclose information about those things you’ve got to do or prepare before the medical providers agree with you.

Make a conscious effort of selecting providers with the most favourable terms. Be sure they can provide excellent services for the actualization of your company’s Order 43 goals.