Fancy Party Wear Tops for Every Woman

Rohan Mathew

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Party wear tops are probably the most wanted item in every woman’s shopping list. They are comfortable, glamorous and most importantly easy to carry off- with jeans, shorts and even skirts. But every woman has her own styling and fashion sense, which is why there are so many different options for every kind of party girl. Today we will look upon, the various kinds of party wear tops in the category of women party wear tops and the type of tops made for every type of woman.

Classy and Elegant

If you describe your style as classy and elegant, then this one is for you. Classic style includes basic colors like grey, white and black. The design elements are simple yet elegant. The focus is more on cuts and structured necklines. Opt for a classic peter pan collar top and pair it with some pearl earrings. You can also pair up a simple ribbed women party wear top with high waist jeans and high heels. High rise jeans and comfort fit shirts are best suited for you if your style is simple and elegant.

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Minimal & Chic

Minimal style is often correlated with effortless clothing, simple earthy colors like beige and caramel with minimal design elements like buttons and smart fits describes this look. Jewelry is very simple and chic. Halter tops in a light beige color or a simple sleek shirt can go a long way. It is focussed on high-quality outfits that will last for a long time.


If sexy is your style, then you should focus on eye-catchy clothing-backless halters, deep V necklines, and bodycon crop tops. Sexy women party wear tops are always in demand due to their glamorous look and they rise to the occasion. The key to styling sexy is to flaunt your highlighting body features. One-shoulder fitted tops are also in trend and make a great sext party wear top. Sequin tops are also considered as a sexy style. Fitted deep cut sequin type is the perfect sexy party wear top that you should have in your closet if this is your style.


Vintage clothing also known as retro clothing refers to clothing from the previous era that is coming back as a trend in this generation. Like bootcut denims that made a comeback last year. Man women relate to their style as vintage and often dress up in that sense. Plaid printed tops, shirts with big pockets, halter beach style crop tops are some excellent examples of vintage party wear tops. Layering was also a key trend when we talk about vintage style. Layering a dress under a simple knit top or a turtle neck top is very popular. Polka prints were another popular fashion trend of the previous era that is extremely popular these days. Pair a black polka top with a pleated skirt and high boots to resemble the 90’s pop fashion.


Tomboy style focuses on unisex clothing where women dress up with less feminine clothes and more comfortable wear clothes like-polo T-shirts, loose-fit shirts, and leather women party wear tops like leather jackets and crop tops. If you are called as a tomboy women, then most probably you like to wear masculine clothing and love baggy styles. Unlike sexy style, tomboy clothing mainly highlights comfortable and less revealing clothes that are stylish but remotely anything like girly.

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Party Girl

Every woman is or has been a party girl at least once in their life. Party girl is a form of a lifestyle clothing that mainly consists of glam clothing- It features extremely girly clothing with sequins and blingy attire. Sequential clothing, metallic crop tops, and embroidery women party wear tops fall under this category. If you love to stay dressed up at all times, then you are definitely a party girl. For a perfect party night either opt for short tiny tops and pair them with high waist leather pants or bodycon skirt. You can also choose a simple top with one fabulous design detail like exaggerated sleeves, puffed shoulders, or ruffle elements.

Street Style

Daily wear yet chic clothing that you can be carry from 9-5 is known as street clothing. It consists of oversized T-shirts, oversized jumpers, casual shirts paired with high waist denims, boxer shorts, or even skirts. Footwear is the bare minimum to sneakers and ballet flats. Street style fashion is one of the most common and appreciated fashion styles as it is feminine, comfortable, and can be carried for day-to-day errands.

Find your personal style

If none of the above can be described as your go-to style, then don’t worry you could be a mix of all of the above depending upon your mood and occasion. No one has a fixed sense of style and we all love to play with colors, silhouettes, and design elements.