Find the Different designs and cuts to choose in Moissanite Weddings Rings!

Rohan Mathew

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Are you considering buying any moissanite wedding ring for your partner? Then, you should know about the top or famous designs. Some designs are quite the latest. Your partner would definitely love it when you shop it from the moissanite wedding rings stores online.

These designs are:

Twist round cut:

From a store like forever-moissanite, you can avail this style of moissanite ring for your spouse. It is available with .15Ct side stones. It has a VVS1 clarity, and the twisted band gives a new look to the person wearing it.

These rings are also available in multiple colors like white, rose, and yellow gold. You can even order a platinum ring of this design online to surprise your partner. These rings are mostly worn at engagement ceremonies.

So, it’s a new way to astonish your partner on an anniversary or engagement.

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Shared prong cut:

You can avail of such shared prong cut rings in a different style of gold. These are yellow, white, or rose. It’s rightly available in platinum design also if you have a better budget.

The ring looks fine on the person wearing it has 0.87Ct side stones. The well-known store will have an adjustable size of these designs. Most often, the size ranges from 4.00 to 10.00. So, choose the size carefully while buying these wedding or engagement rings for your partner.

Double halo ring:

This double halo ring comes with a 0.85 carat of side stones. It really has a refreshing look with the dual halo connected together. It will cover more area of the ring finger. This ring is basically worn at multiple auspicious events for couples like valentines, engagement, or anniversaries.

While buying such moissanite wedding rings, confirm the shipping and refund policy for your location. This will enhance your shopping experience simultaneously. And you want to make every bit of money spent count, isn’t it? So, you can put in a special request to gift wrap this ring for your partner as and when it delivers.

Simple round cut:

The round cut is a very common design for the partners with a lower budget. These are, however, available online with multiple variants of side stone. You can get them in .49Ct or .20Ct side stones as an example.

This ring has beautiful 17 side stones. So, the finger will definitely shine bright when your partner walks into any room wearing the same.

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Infinity design:

Infinity is often considered the ultimate love sign between couples to stay together forever. You can gift this to your partner when you want to make a promise that lasts forever. It can be the ultimate promise ring for your lover, would-be-spouse, or partner before the final wedding ceremony.

It’s available on the forever-moissanite site with .35Ct side stones. This ring, however, has 54 beautifully cut stones. So, your lover would definitely feel loved, surprised, and flabbergasted when they receive this gift on an auspicious day.

However, you must choose the perfect size of the ring. The standard size of the ring of this design is usually from 4.00 to 10.00.