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Five simple ways to cut back on your car expenses

by Ragini Salampure
Five simple ways to cut back on your car expenses

This writing will give you five simple tips about reducing car expenses that you might not think of before

Owning a car is considered to be one of the most significant personal expenses. Whoever believes purchasing a car also needs to think about keeping it driving well on the road.

It’s mostly necessary for Americans to have cars to drive across the states because of its long distances to commute from place to place.

It’s worth noting that certain expenses incurred during your ownership: fuel, insurance, maintenance, repairs, license and registration fee, parking, etc. There are individual fixing costs like license and registration fee or parking fee; the rest can be adjustable if you consider the five tips mentioned below.

Whether or not you have bought the car, this writing will provide five tips about reducing car expenses, helping you minimize spending money in your pocket.

1.   Save money on purchasing the car

One of the first tips to reduce your expense on a car is considering when you first buy a car.

While the cost of a new car model rises every year and it can depreciate quickly, choosing a smaller fuel-efficient car will help you save a significant amount of money on fuel and insurance as a whole. Once you make up your mind on which car to be purchased, don’t forget to see how it goes with the purchase contract and services term.

If you are not necessarily buying a new car model, purchasing a pre-owned car could be a good option. Since a pre-owned car’s market value depreciates very quickly, you can benefit from such a difference between buying a new one and a pre-owned one of the same model and the same quality. Thereby, it’s worth shopping around the second-hand car market right, choose the one owned by a responsible car owner if you go ahead with this solution.

2.   Keep in mind the maintenance schedule.

Keep in mind the maintenance schedule.

While maintenance costs account for a certain amount of money, we can save this cost by sticking with the recommended regular maintenance schedule, like every six months or 10,000 km of driving, whichever comes first. Also, knowing which part of your car to be regularly maintained like brake pads, fluids, belts, tires could be useful as well.

By regular check on your car, your mechanic can easily spot possible problems before it can be out of their hand. Of course, it can avoid unexpected issues, but it will be an excellent preventative measure to prevent your car from breaking in the middle of the road.

Other minor tips for reducing such maintenance cost is to learn how to do some essential maintenance if you know what to replace in the right time, such as fuel filter, checking tires pressure for timely pumping, or change tires when worn. So you can do research here before deciding on the right tire for your vehicle.

3.   Choose between several insurance rates.

Insurance is a certain fee to cover any possible damage incurred when you drive your vehicle. Thereby, anyone who wants to own the car must buy it since driving a car without insurance is too risky.

While it is unavoidable to pay such a fee, insurance premiums are different between several insurance companies. Thereby, finding a way to reduce insurance rates could be a good option. By asking the rates of several insurance companies, you can choose the best deal to cover similar damages.

Don’t worry that you have to stick with one insurance provider throughout the life of your car. You can negotiate the rates to choose the most competitive package, which will help insure your vehicle at its best lower prices.

4.   Know how to save money on fuel

Another essential tip to reduce car expenses is knowing how to save your money on fuel. Although we see the fuel is more or less a fixed cost depending on the market price, you can think about the other way to save money on this specific item.

If you haven’t bought a car, choose among the most fuel efficient coupes in your local dealership. This is because fuel can be much more costly for different vehicles at the same distance. Thereby researching which one is fuel-efficient could be helpful to save your money.  Especially if you usually have to commute on a long-distance trip, this is a significant factor to consider.

Even when you have a car already, you can save money on fuel by responsible driving. This is because driving at high speed will cost you more fuel. By doing this, you will avoid a possible crash and save you by filling up more fuel in your tank.

5.   Consider carpooling

While most car drivers would love to be independently driving, carpooling with others could be a great option to share the use of vehicles with other people.

Not only can you save your annual fuel expense on your car, but it can also be useful for retaining the market value of the vehicle. Besides the financial benefit of carpooling, it’s also good for the environment because fewer cars can be used on the road for the same purpose.

Whether you are going to university or going to work, carpooling with friends or colleagues could save your money when you can be driven to work by your colleague or your car.

To sum up, there are many ways of cutting your car expenses apart from the fixed costs you have to pay. Considering the small feasible solutions could save money significantly in the long run, saving money on purchasing a car; keeping in mind maintenance schedule; choosing between several insurance rates, knowing how to save money on fuel, considering carpooling.

Thus, in one way or the other, saving one of the abovementioned expenses will help you cheer up at the end of the day. As mostly it depends on your situation to reduce which cost, be smart considering the likely-fixed-cost which can be possibly adjustable. By doing so, small tips will add up to saving your car expenses significantly in the long run.

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