Folx: Download Manager For Mac

Rohan Mathew

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Folx is a kind of download manager which is for Mac OS X and its software is well developed by Eltima software. It was released on October 10, 2011. Its operating system is Mac OS X and the best thing in this is that it is multilingual supports many types of languages. It is combined with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and another kind of web browsers including Flashgot extension in it. It helps their user to download files in the browser or Folx also.

It helps their user in downloading many files together and also allows them to distribute this file in the individual thread so that the process of downloading goes faster and it can itself able to adjust the speed. If you are a Macbook user then you have to select your download manager so Folx is the best download manager for you.

It is easy for you to create and download torrent related content easily. Instead of Folx nothing is the best replacement of Internet download manager. Folx can support magnet links as well. There are two versions of it.

Features Of Folx Download Manager

  • It is friendly with all kind of browsers

It is a downloader and can work with all web browsers. Users don’t have to face problem in changing browser for the file. It can also give us choices to choose between options like download all, only download selected and download with Folx. Browsers that are supported by Folx are Opera, Firefox, chrome, and safari also.

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  • Download via proxy

With the help of this, it will give you offer of privacy and give you the permission to download that content also which is not available to download by using your IP address so Folx help you in downloading the content and keep your IP address hidden so it can’t be seen by anyone else.

  • Fast downloading

In the pro version, it can help to split your files into many pieces which are called threads. But it can only split up to a maximum of 20 threads. Splitting helps to increase the speed of downloading as compared to any other normal download manager.

  • Speed control

Folx help the download manager in managing the speed of data and also allows you to control it or you can also opt for control it automatically so that the applications which require to be online every time won’t get suffer by not getting internet and at the same your file is also being downloaded.

  • Scheduling of downloads

It is up to you that you can choose the time of download according to your schedule and you can set up that after finishing the download what next it can do: Shut your system down or simply switch on the sleep mode that’s it. Folx is one of the best and amazing download managers.

  • Music Integration

You can also instruct Folx that all the videos and music which are downloaded move them all to the Music Folder itself.

  • Remember login and password

This is also one of the best and useful features given by Folx to us. When you are downloading anything for the very first time they can ask to choose the option for Folx to remember id and password and next time when you open Folx for downloading then you don’t have to put it again. Folx also supported the web authentication process which is required by some of the websites.

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  • Download videos from the internet

Folx allows you to download videos via the internet also. You are also free to download videos that are private and videos that are for adults or age-restricted videos also. Folx also helps you in getting the soundtrack or any of the videos.All videos with the help of internet downloaded can be saved quickly.

Folx can also support in downloading of the torrent files which normal download manager won’t support. When the Folx did not come, there was a utorrent which is the client of BitTorrent and allows them to download torrent files but Folx comes and takes place of it and now becomes the top best utorrent alternative for catalina which can easily download all kinds of files including torrent also.