Four Of The Best HR Service Providers In Singapore

Rohan Mathew

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Four of the Best HR Service Providers in Singapore

Human resources is a critical business function. Unfortunately, not all companies, especially those with understaffed HR teams, can juggle multiple human resource tasks all at once.

Understandably, small businesses focus more on value-adding activities that can increase their profitability and accelerate overall growth. The thing is, human resources management also plays an essential role in a company’s success.

Setting aside the core HR responsibilities can’t guarantee success. It can negatively affect the business bottom line in many ways—poor employee engagement, high staff turnover, and inefficient hiring process, among other things.

If you run a business with limited time, staff, and resources, it’s better to outsource your HR than neglect the HR functions. Having a third-party company to take care of your human resource needs can put you at ease and help your people focus on the work that matters. 

Here are four of the best HR service providers in Singapore that your business can tap into.

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  • PayrollServe

Payroll processing is one of the most complicated yet essential HR tasks. Your employees work hard to help your company thrive, remain operational, sustain clients, and obtain its business objectives. The best way to return the favour is to ensure they get paid accurately and on time.

For start-ups without an established payroll method or team, processing payroll may be a challenging responsibility. Add up the need to stay updated with the specific payroll, legislation, and taxation information.

Thankfully, many HR outsourcing partners offer payroll processing services like PayrollServe. PayrollServe is the Payroll and HR Administration Services division of the Stone Forest Company. 

As its name suggests, the company specialises in providing scalable payroll and HR Management solutions. It helps you optimise payroll management by assisting in the following activities:

  • maintain a payroll file for each employee
  • salary calculation on a bi-monthly or monthly basis
  • process no pay leave and expense claims
  • administer bonuses or any ad hoc payments
  • process gross to net salary and applicable CPF, CDAC, MBMF, SINDA or ECF contributions
  • publish secure online payslips via the Pay Advice portal
  • provide detailed payroll report for management review
  • Talent Plus, Inc.

Great talents are the fuel that drives business growth and development. With the right people and good business management, companies can soar high and achieve their goals. 

This is where the recruitment function comes in handy. Leaving the long and intricate talent acquisition process to an outsourcing company not only saves you more time but also ensures that the job gets done efficiently.

Talent Plus, Inc. is one of the best HR service providers that focus on talent assessment and acquisition. The company has established itself as a thought leader in talent innovation and offers structured interviews and assessments.

Talent Plus has partnered with various industries, including healthcare, hospitality, finance, retail, and more. It also provides small businesses with a simple assessment solution, making the journey from applicant to employee quick and easy.


  • Kerry Consulting

Like talent acquisition, recruitment also plays a pivotal role in a business. While the former is about actively searching for the most qualified candidate to hire for a long-term position, the latter focuses on filling vacant positions quickly. 

If your company recently opened up a position that must be filled immediately, it’s ideal to seek the services of a recruitment firm rather than talent acquisition. Headhunting agencies can help you identify qualified people and recruit new talents in your workforce.

Speaking of recruitment agencies, Kerry Consulting is among the most reliable search and selection firms in Singapore. The company specialises in recruiting positions in compliance, engineering, finance & accounting, front office, human resources, IT, legal, and marketing, to name a few.

Kerry Consulting’s team is the most experienced, stable and best resourced in the ASEAN region. This means clients are guaranteed exceptional search and recruitment skills, deep industry and domain knowledge, as well as broader networks and reach.

  • Unit4 HR & Payroll Outsourcing

The HR work involves several administrative tasks—from maintaining employee records to managing leaves and absences, administering benefits, processing payroll, and more. Handling all of these might stress out your HR team, especially when other critical tasks must be done.

Here’s one pro tip. When selecting a human resource outsourcing company, check if it offers a range of HR solutions. The best HR service providers should extend their help, not in just one, but a variety of human resource functions.  

Unit4 is one of those HR outsourcing companies that can manage and perform discrete HR activities on your behalf. The company offers assistance with payroll, benefits, employee database management and administration for companies of all sizes.

By outsourcing your HR to Unit4 or other full-service outsourcing firms, you put an expert eye on current regulations and your HR policies, streamline HR processes, and handle administration for time-consuming tasks, among other benefits.

Final Thoughts

Not all companies can carry out the complete HR functions in-house. Some lack the resources, while others can’t tackle human resource tasks themselves due to lack of time. Regardless of what category you fall under, tapping into a reliable HR service provider would always be a clever decision.